Walking Dead Recap: Indifference

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  1. Michael M. says:

    I was really intrigued by Carol’s thought processes in a lot of ways. I take it as a good sign of involvement when I begin to wonder what a character is thinking, rather than wonder what the writers are trying to do.

    Yeah, Carol’s explanations are largely bunk, but they strike me as entirely plausible bunk — that is, I can believe she really thought she might be doing the right thing, but I’m also not sure she believes it entirely. What I’m more curious about is why she confessed to Rick — had she planned to? did she do so just because he asked? Would she have been as honest with anyone else — say, Herschel or Glenn or even Darryl — if any of them has asked? Her line acknowledging that Rick was a better leader than she gave him credit for makes me wonder if she is using him as her judge. It seemed to me she almost needed to test out her justifications with someone else, that she was willing to put herself in his hands and accept the consequences. She sure didn’t protest much about being exiled, which is why it didn’t strike me as a problem that Rick asked her to go. I didn’t get the sense that he was acting as dictator, I got the sense that he felt it would be best if she left and she was willing to go along with that.

    The fallout from this will be interesting, I hope, but I also hope Carol isn’t gone for long because she’s the most interesting and compelling character on the show right now.Report

    • Glyph in reply to Michael M. says:

      I am probably putting more thought into this than the TWD writers, but is it possible Carol is lying/covering for someone else (most likely the psycho little girl who thinks walkers are people)? That maybe the girl did the killing, and Carol simply disposed of the bodies after discovering this?

      The reason I ask that is we’ve seen Carol waiting patiently for people to die/turn before she stabs ’em in the brain (notably, psycho-girl’s dad). She’s never mercy-killed people before they turn…why now, all of a sudden? They were isolated. They weren’t going to spread the disease further. And we/they still don’t know how lethal this flu is. It took the one kid out, but nobody else has died from it yet.

      At least as far as Rick’s decision to exile Carol, that actually made sense to me. Something had to be done, but killing her outright (or handing her to Tyreese to kill her) didn’t seem right.Report

      • North in reply to Glyph says:

        I’d be pretty pleased if they actually made it psycho girl, sure.

        I disagree about Rick unilaterally exiling Carol though. This choice he’s made is the one that’s guaranteed to piss everyone off. If Rick had brought her to the group and informed them of what she’d done they might have ended up exiling her anyhow (I doubt they’d have handed her over to an understandably murderous Tyreese) but it would have been good to have all their buy ins.Report

      • Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

        I don’t know. “Getting buy-in” sounds great in an ideal world, but TWD is far from an ideal world. What if Tyreese kills her before a group decision can be reached? What if it causes a schism in the group, with half of them taking Carol’s side? What if Carol leaves, taking half the group with her?

        Taking someone aside and saying “I know what you did, and while I may (or may not) understand your reasons, others will not, and it’s safer/better for everyone if you just go away before anyone else finds out” seems like the best/most humane option (although exile is very nearly a death sentence).

        I guess I am most curious to see what story Rick gives the others when he comes back – is he going to explain what he did and why, or is he going to lie about it?Report

      • North in reply to Glyph says:

        Yep, a lot will hinge on that. The comics are no guide since in the comics Pneby pbzzvgf fhvpvqr va ure pryy.Report

      • Mike Dwyer in reply to Glyph says:

        “I am probably putting more thought into this than the TWD writers, but is it possible Carol is lying/covering for someone else (most likely the psycho little girl who thinks walkers are people)? That maybe the girl did the killing, and Carol simply disposed of the bodies after discovering this?”

        I think is probably the answer. It even seemed to me like Rick was putting something together in his head before they went off on their expedition only to ignore it and send her into exile. It just amazes me she would go along with it but maybe this is her playing the abused spouse in a way (i.e. i will do whatever it takes to not rock the boat). Still though, I thought it was pretty unbelievable how meekly she agreed to leave.

        And by the way, in that world, if someone reaches for their gun just because you take their booze, they are a serious liability that you are completely justified into sending into exile.Report

      • North in reply to Glyph says:

        Yeah Mike, if the guy didn’t represent 33% of the communities medical knowledge I’d be right there with you but in TWD world that kind of human knowledge is damn near priceless. It’d be worth putting another unskilled minder on him 24-7 just to keep him alive and in the group. Also note that by this point only some remarkably lucky individuals could be expected to have remained mentally unscarred.Report

    • North in reply to Michael M. says:

      I somewhat agree that Carol was looking to Rick to judge her. Indeed you’re right that she very meekly accepted her exile. I don’t think she’d have confessed if he hadn’t asked her but I think that once he questioned her she was unwilling to lie to cover her acts any further.Report

  2. joe says:

    I believe carol is covering up for the little girl. Also, the little girl must be feeding the walkers with rats because she feels they are people. Let us not forgot that carol taught her to use a blade. Once Darrell finds out carol is vanished he will track her because that is what Darrell does, finds people like his brotherReport

    • North in reply to joe says:

      I really really hope you’re right!Report

    • North in reply to joe says:

      On further consideration there is some substance to this belief. If you’ll recall they specifically showed a flash back with Carol knifing the sick people. This establishes that they weren’t shot which does make it more plausible that the little girl did it. Though I can’t see the little girl being able to drag the bodies out of the cell and burn them.

      But does anyone recall the girl knowing about the sick people? I don’t see how she knew to kill them.Report

  3. Jack says:

    Yeah, fallout from Rick’s explanation could be interesting. I had a hard time not yelling at the TV “are you kidding me! Former dictator and I-see-dead-people is judging others suitability to be i the group?!” And I am just an observer, what will those with an actual connection to Carol say or do?Report

  4. Neil Obstat says:

    On the “Talking Dead” aftershow, guest Chris Jericho gave an insighful comment that this episode had an under-theme of “Letting Go”. Tyreese not letting go of the walker @ the garage, and Michonne discussing the need to let go of useless anger. The guy not letting go of the backpack w/ the booze, and Darrell letting him go, so far as being considered a trusty asset. Carol & Rick’s discussion of what they have & haven’t let go of from their pre-zombie lives, and Rick, making Carol let go of the group. Carol may have left, but I don’tthink she’s let the group go. How Rick explains will be interesting, but I’m certain Carol has NOT been written out of the show.Report

  5. j r says:

    A lot of the little illogical plot nits irk me as well. However, it all ultimately depends on how they contribute to the plot. After all, I care about how well the narrative works, not how well the show capture

    So, in regards to Carol. I don’t really get the whole overnight transformation. A bit of foreshadowing in earlier seasons would have been nice. Maybe it’s there and I missed it though. Her offing two innocent people who were already safely quarantined from everyone else doesn’t make a whole lot of sense outside some internal psychological motivation. And if the kid did do it, not telling Rick that and leaving some homicidal maniac kid back at the prison to fend for herself doesn’t make much sense either.

    Maybe Carol plans to get back to the prison before Rick and get the girls out or win over some of the group to her side. I guess we’ll see. One area that the show is much better at this season is building tension within episodes. We’ll see if they can do the same thing over the course of the short half-season.Report

    • North in reply to j r says:

      Carol’s transformation seems to have occurred primarily during the Ricktatorship of season 3. From the start of season 3 she was quiet, helpful and much more focused. She also was insightful and personable, I started really liking her. I’d say the new Carol was the woman that Darrel rescued from the prison cell after everyone though she’d been killed and I flat out love her. Her comments to Darrel about him and Mearl were excellent.

      I genuinely hope she’s not gone for good because I really like her now (despite her irration homicidal freakout over the plague).Report

  6. Fish says:

    The show has handled “crazy Tyreese” well. In the comic book, Tyreese’s love interest gets killed before they find the prison. He’s got a death wish and gets himself separated from the group when they attempt to clear out a basketball court full of walkers. The rest of the group beats a hasty retreat when it is apparent they’re going to be overwhelmed and are forced to lock Tyreese into the basketball court with the hordes. Everyone laments his loss, only to come back to the court later and find him sitting in the middle of a bunch of re-deaded zombies. The corresponding scene in the show was him fighting the horde at the car and coming out of the bushes later.

    How Rick handled Carol is interesting. He obviously couldn’t bring himself to just put a bullet in her head, so he opted to leave her behind on a run. He’s the only one who knows that he didn’t “deal with her” so he can tell the group whatever he wants, and more importantly, he can tell Tyreese that Carol did it and that he had “dealt with her.” It also leaves open the possibility of Carol showing up in a future episode. As to what he’ll say to Darrell? The show seems to be throwing he and Michonne together, so maybe it won’t matter as much after all.Report