Monthly Archive: October 2013


Some Kind of Mixture: Lou Reed

Aristotle said there is no great genius without a mixture of madness. Lou Reed was more madman than genius but the genius part irrevocably changed rock and roll.


This I Believe: Kentucky

How I came to share an author credit with Muhammed Ali. A new book of essays will be in stores on November 17th featuring the Greatest…and me.



Fire suppression theory and Brave New World Realized.



What will be the end of civilization as we know it. Also, what are you playing?


Fantasy Football Week In Review: Week 7

Thunderlips Scorns opponent and Expresses themselves with a win!! The Express looked like a bullet train as they ran over the Intangible points put up by their opponent. Four players scored over 20 points...


The Rural Health Care Crisis

The discrepancy in quality healthcare isn’t just between the rich and the poor, it also exists between urban and rural patients. Michael Caine looks at the healthcare crisis afflicting America’s rural communities.



They have real bagels out here.


Much Ado about a Public Shaming

In his film version of Much Ado about Nothing, Joss Whedon highlights the social context that makes it acceptable for Claudio to shame Hero before her father and the wedding guests. There’s something rotten in the patriarchy of Messina.


Sexism at Time and the Times

Writing as women in left-leaning news outlets doesn’t make your reporting immune from the charge.


No Dubstep!

I’mma wait till the beat goes in.