Friday Night Videos: Got Ya Covered!


Chris lives in Austin, TX, where he once shook Willie Nelson's hand.

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9 Responses

  1. Glyph says:

    Those puppets remind me of this:


  2. BlaiseP says:

    Legs like little splinters…. that had me laughing.

    Friday night. Bombino, nigerois Tuareg guitarist.

    more here. That noise at the beginning is a camel roused to its feet.Report

  3. BlaiseP says:

    The Terror, Flaming Lips.Report

    • aaron david in reply to BlaiseP says:

      Just out of curiosity, have you ever tried the Flaming lips album that takes for disc’s and asks that you play them at the same time? I can’t recall the title right now, but you would know it if you had played it.Report

      • Glyph in reply to aaron david says:

        I have, Zaireeka. It’s good.

        BP – I have found that The Terror is a simpatico album with the most recent BoC. Lots of psychic/enviro unease.Report

      • Glyph in reply to aaron david says:

        And you don’t have to play them all at once, you can play any combination of discs singly or in concert; this, plus the fact that all players will fall out of sync (no two play at exactly the same speed, nor can humans trigger them at exactly the same times, either concurrently or sequentially) means that the album is never the same twice.

        It’s a pretty neat record, that (IMO) transcends the gimmick.Report

      • BlaiseP in reply to aaron david says:

        I’ve always loved Boards of Canada, going back to the very beginning. One of the great things about getting older is watching musicians evolve and grow. Art’s like that, in any form: the more you do, the better you get, until at last you’re producing masterworks using your own voice.

        Lullabies were a big thing with my own children. I made up a collection of lullabies for my first grandchild. And this was one of themReport