Fantasy Football Week In Review: Week 6



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16 Responses

  1. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    I watched my first football game of the year, and I learned a new (to me) feature on the Yahoo! fantasy football app. I call that a success.Report

  2. Avatar Just Me says:

    I propose this weekend we switch it up a bit. You win if you leave the most points on the bench. Just a thought.Report

    • Avatar Miss Mary says:

      I think I’d be really good at this. I’ll put Aaron Rodgers back on my bench! In my defense, I put him there because he had a bye week. This I understand to be the correct thing to do. Apparently I should have put him back on the top if the list for the following week. This game doesn’t come with instructions!!!Report

      • Avatar Dman says:

        I have 48 point that could have increased my score. Thankfully it does not look like I needed it. Who the hell is J. Reed anyway???Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      So far, I’ve left 17 on the bench that I could have put up on the board.

      Sadly, they would not have helped me.Report

  3. Avatar Just Me says:

    I see what you did Burt! Nice pick up!Report