Shutdown’s Winners

Burt Likko

Pseudonymous Portlander. Homebrewer. Atheist. Recovering Republican. Recovering Catholic. Recovering divorcé. Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Ordinary Times. Relapsed Lawyer, admitted to practice law (under his real name) in California and Oregon. On Twitter, to his frequent regret, at @burtlikko. House Likko's Words: Scite Verum. Colite Iusticia. Vivere Con Gaudium.

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7 Responses

  1. Call me a denialist if you want but there is no way that Churchill Ontario will ever be a viable northern port. It will never warm enough for it to happen. Mostly because Churchill is in Manitoba.Report

  2. zic says:

    The media that makes a business on reporting on the horse race of the shutdown. Drives ratings.

    The parties, which rake in money based on doing battle agains an intractable enemy; just one more donation and we can force our way!Report

  3. NotMe says:

    I don’t know who the winner but I know who’s fault it is, Bush! Yes, sadly some folks think it is his fault.

  4. Damon says:

    Frankly, the ONE thing I was looking forward to was less traffic going to work with the shutdown. Didn’t happen. I blame the Tea Party.Report