Daily Archive: October 15, 2013

Oh, for fish sakes…

Is there some kind of arcane Senate rule where you are allowed to have a large muscular man named Sven whack an especially deserving Senate member repeatedly over the head with a dead mackerel...

A Book for Every Type

The Paris Review endorses Maddie Crum’s “One Perfect Book for Every Single Myers-Briggs Type.”  Like all Myers-Briggs related lists, it’s at once silly, entertaining, and at least partially true.   Mine:

Confederate Flags and Washington’s Football Team

So. Washington, D.C. has this football team. And it has a name. Some people want to change this team name, as it is flagrantly racist. I must say, seems rather reasonable to me. We...

Democrats need to get out of the Republicans’ way

It might not look like it, but Democrats are losing the government shutdown debate. The closer Congress gets to a deal, the less space there’ll be to negotiate when the next budget crisis comes knocking.


The phrase “driverless car” is clunky and imprecise. See that parking lot? Those are driverless cars. Ugh. Call them autonomes instead.

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