The Walking Dead Recap: 30 Days Without An Accident

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  1. Avatar Patrick says:

    Four notes:

    (1) Hershel is a vet. Why wasn’t he called in to look at Violet?

    (2) Violet: mutated Zombie Virus strain or Swine Flu? I’m going with some sort of “normal pathogen” killed her… and Nerdlinger! His transmutation into a zombie came from dying, not from him getting a new strain of the zombie disease or something. Still, yeah, no disease protocol seems mind-jarringly dumb.

    (3) Zombies falling through the ceiling was kind of cool, but if the ceiling was that weak in that many places they would have rained through a long time ago just by shuffling around on the roof. This is one of those weak moments that the show has consistently that pull me out of my suspension of disbelief more than a tad.

    (4) I liked the fact that they’re starting to trick out the prison with some more features, as you point out. I think overall it’s lacking a bit, though, some really basic things still aren’t handled. Like, you have to assume it’s possible that you can get a hole in the fence at some point (who says the Governor isn’t going to drive a bulldozer through it at some point?) and yet they haven’t done any defense-in-depth. A trench, a palisade on the inside, nothing like that. There’s no sign that they’ve started breaking things down to build secondary walls. No bracing on the exterior fence, which would be pretty easy.Report

    • Avatar North in reply to Patrick says:

      (1) Agreed. A live animal is a considerable capital asset, especially in TWD world. They should have had Hershel all over her.

      (3) The rationalization as I understand it was that the roof was weakened by the crashed helicopter and further weakened by decay subsequent to that. Once our new medic knocked over that shelf of booze the walkers on the roof converged on the sound concentrating their weight on the weak point of the roof and leading to a collapse. I agree that the piecemeal initial dropping of the walkers doesn’t quite fit this scenario but I think that’s the show’s rationalization. Speaking of our new medic what the fish is he doing out on a scavenger run. Unless the group acquired several doctors and RN’s in the interim sending a trained army medic to pick up Cheetos in hazardous conditions strikes me as a gross mismanagement of human resources.

      (4) Agreed but after the desert of such details in S3 this was a feast.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    “Darryl and Michonne have indestructible fan armor…”

    Loved that!

    If you noticed at the end when Patrick died he was also bleeding from the eyes. They confirmed last night on the Talking Dead that this is no coincidence. There’s a new viral threat. Maybe in the water? The bugger coughed all over the barrel before he passed out and since he isn’t going to stay where he fell, it isn’t likely anyone is going to put that together before they have taken a cootie shower. Needless to say, the dirtballs are the safest in the short term.

    I also love the evolution of Carol over the four seasons. She was pretty unlikable in the comic books and it’s nice to see the way that characterizations differ between it and the TV show (ironically, it was the opposite for Andrea who was super-hated by TV fans and is likeable in the comics).

    I didn’t like the whole interlude with Rick and the Irish gal. I get tired of him constantly having to deal with all the worst folks (Merle, Shane, the guys in the bar, the Governor, unhinged Duane, etc.) It’s like each one becomes another anchor for him to carry.Report

    • Avatar North in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      Yeah Mike, the viral problem is horrific and Nerdlinger appears to have hit them right in a tender spot in the manner he chose to shuffle off. I remain baffled that no one in the prison picked up on his symptoms. Now, does everyone turn into screaming idiots when one walker shows up inside the defenses or will one of our core group just matter of factly off him?

      Agreed on Andrea, she was quite likable in the comics but if you look at it the comic Andrea is kindof divided in the show between show Andrea and Michonne. If you combine the two show characters you have almost exactly the comic Andrea.

      Yeah Rick seems to have been born under a bad star or something. Everything unpleasant happens to Rick.Report

  3. Avatar Glyph says:

    This was pretty funny:


  4. Avatar roger says:

    Cool! I need to check my box to see if it recorded. I love this show. Fall is great, Sons of Anarchy and the Walking Dead. Now if I could just get the new Dr Who.Report