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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    One of the interesting things about this show is that it was largely planned in advance, which allowed them to have prophecies and visions from the future that (generally) come true. Typically, when a show deals with prophecy, it is either extremely vague and constantly reinterpreted, such as Angel’s Shanshu Prophecy, or else it is resolved in a single season. With B5, things typically get a proper payoff, even if it comes a few seasons later. On the other hand, fvapr gur npgbe gung cynlrq Fvapynve unq gb yrnir, fbzr guvatf unq gb or gjrnxrq n ovg gb znxr guvatf svg.

    Regarding Sinclair and Garibaldi in the future, V gubhtug gung unccrarq va gur rcvfbqr jurer jr frr gur bgure fvqr bs guvf rcvfbqr, jurer Fvapynve fgrnyf O4, ohg zl zrzbel pbhyq or snhygl.Report

    • Avatar daveNYC says:

      The Shanshu thing in Angel was garbage. Given the number of interpretations, you’d think the wording was “A person in a place with do things and stuff.”

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      Mordin’s visit is the first episode where you get the idea that the plot will really be going places, this episode is where you get the idea that the plot actually knows where it will be going.Report

      • Avatar Dman says:

        Znlor ur zvffrq vg?V nyjnlf sryg Fvapynve’f erzbiny jnf zber noehcg. Frnfba gjb fgnegf naq, cbbs, ur vf tbar. Gurer jnf abguvat gb rira uvag gung guvf jnf tbvat gb unccra va nal bs gur rcvfbqrf yrnqvat hc gb gur erzbiny.Report

  2. Avatar Dman says:

    I am a sucker for shows with foresight. I loved this episode. I love it told us there is a true plan for the series.

    As Reformed Republican said, Guvf jnf orsber gurl arj Fvapynve jnf tbvat gb yrnir. Guvatf qvq unir gb or nqwhfgrq gb nqq Furevqna gb guvf gvzr ybbc. Gurl npghnyyl qb n qrprag wbo bs vg ol fraqvat Fvapynve onpx va gvzr naq univat Furevqna or nabgure crefba va gur oyhr fhvg.Report

    • Avatar KatherineMW says:

      One of the fantastic thing about the show is how many contingency plans they had. Gurl unq cynaf sbe ubj guvatf pbhyq or punatrq vs cerggl zhpu nal npgbe unq gb yrnir, naq gurl chg gurz va cynpr sbe obgu Fvapynve’f npgbe naq, yngre, sbe Gnyvn’f npgerff. Naq vg’f fhssvpvragyl fzbbgu gung lbh pna oneryl gryy vg jnfa’g vagraqrq nyy nybat.Report

      • Avatar Dman says:

        V fhfcrpg gurl qvq abg unir cyna sbe Fvapynve gb yrnir, ohg gurl unq cyragl bs gvzr gb svther bhg ubj gb evtug Furevqna vagb gur gvzr ybbc. Gnyvn yrnivat jnf abg arneyl nf ovt bs gur qrny naq gurl jrer noyr gb nqq na rnfl rkcynangvba sbe nqqvat gur arj (jryy, ernyyl na byq) punenpgre gb gur zvk.Report

  3. Avatar James K says:

    Is it just me, or shouldn’t anyone answer Garibaldi’s question with “fasten, then zip”? Zips are easier to do up if both ends of the zip are fixed relative to each other and fasteners are easier to do up if you have more room to fiddle with the fastener. Fasten and zip is just easier than zip then fasten.

    Also, as funny as Sinclari’s prank was, it is a seriously dick move to prank your subordinates. What can Ivanova do in response? He’s her commanding officer.

    Oh, and vg’f nyjlnf n cyrnfher gb frr Mnguenf (nal bs gurz).Report

    • Avatar Dman says:

      I think you are taking it too seriously. I would hope that Ivanova would be able to play a prank on Sinclair without him getting his feathers all ruffled. If he would, then I would agree with you.Report