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3 Responses

  1. James K says:

    I’m replaying Bastion, now that I’ve picked up a controller for my PC.

    I may raid GoG’s library over the weekend.Report

  2. Alan Scott says:

    Played the pen and paper RPG Lady Blackbird for the first time at yesterday’s games meetup, plus another round of tremulus, and (no politics) a playtest version of a boardgame that simulates a presidential election.

    Meanwhile, the boyfriend has been champing at the bit for the new pokemon X & Y games for a while now. They came out yesterday, and he’s already caught something like fifty pokemon species.Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    I did not get in much gaming this weekend. I found an app that can be used to track a Magic the Gathering collection, and I spent time using the camera to scan in my collection.

    I finally started to dig into Dominions 4. The game has a huge learning curve, and I never played Dom 3 enough to master it the first time around, so I am relearning as well as adjusting to the changes.

    I am playing the nation of Pangea, which is all about growth and life and forests, and has a greek flavor to it. Some of your commanders are harpies and druids, and some of the regular troops are satyrs and centaurs. The best mages are Pans, which are goat legged-humanoids who, through the power of their rugged, masculine virility attract topless berserker maenads to fight for you. If that is not enough, you can summon plant-based undead animals, satyrs, and minotaurs to fill out your army.

    The other nations I am fighting against are Arcoscephale, which is more of civilized Greece with hoplites and elephants; Agartha, cave dwelling aquatic giants; Ermor, which are based on the Roman empire (though if you choose to set the game in a later age, they have become a nation of undead due to some bad choices); and Tien Chi, which are based on China, and have pretty good magical presence.

    You can choose to play an Early Age, Middle Age, or Late Age game. Each nation is different in different ages, and sometimes they even have 2 different offshoots, headed down different paths. Ermor splits into the undead Ashen Empire and Marignon, the Holy Inquisition trying to deal with the undead threat. Magic is fading, so in later ages you find few magic gem producing sites, and often the mages are less powerful. Many nations are dying, and sometimes turn to dark power to survive. In a Late Age game, chances are the victor is left with a world without much left to rule over.Report