Daily Archive: October 4, 2013




Beginning the process of wrapping up both Sandman and Season One of B5.

The 10 Biggest Lies Being Told About the Government Shutdown

If you’ve been listening to cable news, talk radio or your local Republican Congressman talk about our current government shutdown, chances are that much or all of what you’ve heard is a lie. Here is a list of the ten biggest whoppers being floated today.

A Steam Machine in Every Home

Last year around this time I would have given anything to get my hands on a Steam Machine, but now that it’s becoming a reality, I’m struggling to remember why I was ever excited about it.

Linky Friday #42

Science: [S1] It reminds me of the Grunions invasion from Beverly Hillbillies, but Jellyfish are invading and it looks like it could be something serious. It seems weird to me that this could be...

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