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  1. The romance between Morpheus and Thessaly confuses me. We’ve established by now that:

    1) The Endless may not have romantic entanglements with mortals, and

    2) Thessaly is an especially long-lived, but still mortal woman.

    How is it that their relationship was allowed to occur? Why did no calamity, similar to the destruction of Nada’s realm, happen in response?Report

    • Avatar North in reply to Russell Saunders says:

      Perhaps it’s because Thessaly is, by virtue of her powers and covenants, not a strictly mortal woman? Perhaps the liason would have been disallowed prior to Thessaly’s assuming her powers or after her powers have run out (when she’s living the last of her normally allotted mortal years) but is technically permitted as long as her aging is suspended?Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to Russell Saunders says:

      You know, this is a good question. And I have a different, related one. What distinguishes “gods” from “mortals” in the first place, given that even gods are especially long-lived but can die (witness Ishtar)?

      Maybe it was exempt from the rules because their relationship appears to have taken place entirely in the Dreaming, rather than the waking world?

      Though Nada refused to come to the Dreaming with him, so that can’t be it.

      UNLESS it DID bring about calamity – Morpheus’ death, and the Dreaming’s razing…Report

    • Avatar daveNYC in reply to Russell Saunders says:

      Or maybe he just wasn’t that into her. The prohibition might be specific to the member of The Endless not falling in love and treating the mortal as an equal to them, ‘just sex’ or relationships that don’t rise to some Princess Bride-esque “True Love” don’t trigger the Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies event.

      The thing that got me about Thessaly is how well she is handling Morpheus’ death pbafvqrevat ure ebyr va Gur Xvaqyl Barf.Report

      • Avatar Jason Tank in reply to daveNYC says:

        I don’t think we need to ROT13 stuff that we’ve already read. Thessaly had a change of heart. It was clear she was working for someone, to pay off the moon debt, and she thought she was over him. Then she had a dream (funnily enough) that forced her to realize she did, in fact, still feel something. She still lies to herself about it, and directly to us, but she can’t help it.

        When Morpheus first met her, he said he thought “her kind” had died out long before. Since there are still humans walking around, I think her kind could be considered something other than “mere mortal”.

        I’m not entirely sure the ban on Endless consorting with mortals had everything to do with Nada. She was a Vortex, like Rose/Unity, and that’s why her life had such dire consequences. (It certainly led to his having to kill the Vortexes, though.)Report

  2. Oh, and much of the art for The Wake is by Jon J Muth, who authored and illustrated one of my favorite children’s books.Report

  3. Avatar Glyph says:

    Various dreamers share their dreams, including Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

    In case it wasn’t obvious, Martian Manhunter (who appeared briefly in the series early on and is conversing with Kent and Wayne) has never had a TV show in “our” world, which is why he doesn’t have dreams of being just a TV actor, like Wayne and Kent do.Report

  4. Avatar Jason Tank says:

    I got the impression that Titania wasn’t rebuffing the other women, but was rebuffing me, the reader, who was there and asking questions. Calliope and Thesally also talk directly to us. I liked that touch.Report