Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt

Kyle Cupp

Kyle Cupp is a former regular here at Ordinary Times who lives in a small rural town about two hours southwest of Portland, Oregon with his wife, kids, and dog. He enjoys studying and writing about the world of employment, which is good because that's his job. You can find him on Twitter.

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29 Responses

  1. Kyle,

    Congratulations! I had a note on my calendar to buy your book at the beginning of October, and I placed the order this weekend from Amazon. It’s supposed to arrive by Friday. It might be a week or two before I get around to actually reading it, but I look forward to it.Report

  2. Michelle says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishment, Kyle! I look forward to reading your book.Report

  3. Chris says:

    Awesome, man. Congratulations. I’m definitely going to check it out.Report

  4. Burt Likko says:

    Congratulations, Kyle! I shall purchase the Kindle version forthwith!Report

  5. LeeEsq says:

    Mazel tov.Report

  6. wardsmith says:

    Dude, Congrats and I love the title. Will purchase forthwith – just have to decide on the medium.Report

  7. Glyph says:

    Congrats Kyle!Report

  8. Mike Schilling says:


    This one goes on the top of the list.Report

  9. NewDealer says:

    Mazel TovReport

  10. Dave says:


  11. Congrats! I’ll make a point of getting this.Report

  12. Tod Kelly says:

    Congratulations, Kyle!

    Even though we’ve all known it was coming, seeing that it’s finally here is unbelievably exciting. Be sure to celebrate this evening.Report

  13. Jaybird says:

    Dude. I hope the right people find it. Good job doing your part.Report

  14. zic says:

    I just ordered one of the last six copies in stock at Amazon. Normally, an exploration of belief and doubt wouldn’t pull at me much; it feels like something I passed through very long ago, and I came to a different place.

    But Kyle wrote this one, and everything he’s written here has made me feel something good; something other than skepticism or dismissal (something atheists get a lot of, and hand out too easily), occasionally something profound. Often, it’s made me happy. Sometimes, it’s made me weep. I do not hold faith in God, yet I hold deep faith in love; and I know that we hold that in common. So by the weekend, I’ll be digging in.

    Thank you for the writing you’ve done here that’s fostered room for that digging in; I’m grateful.Report

  15. Stillwater says:

    Just bought kindle version Kyle. I’m excited to read it. And congratulations. Just writing a book is a really huge accomplishment. Getting it published even moreso. Good on ya.Report

  16. Angela says:

    I just got the Kindle version.
    My faith journey has been pretty winding (a meditation labyrinth could be a good image). With the kids in high school & college, there have been a lot of conversations about how an adult approaches faith and belief. Reconciling my continued commitment to the Catholic Church to the realities of science (not to mention politics) is something I still struggle and question. I expect the conflict will continue all my life.

    Congratulations on the book. It’s a huge accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.Report

  17. J@m3z Aitch says:

    Congratulations, Kyle. It’s a great achievement, and I’m very happy for you. Don’t get too proud, because we’d hate to see you fall, but do enjoy great satisfaction from this amazing moment.Report