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  1. Avatar NewDealer says:

    The Children’s Book by AS Byatt

    Lonely Planet’s Seattle City GuideReport

    • Avatar Cascadian in reply to NewDealer says:

      ND: Planning a trip to Seattle?

      It’s recycle season for us; watching the World Cup races from last year. Looking forward to the beginning of this season. Whistler got the first snow of the season last night adding to the excitement in the house.Report

  2. Avatar Glyph says:

    Black Dynamite is awesome. The cartoon isn’t bad either.

    Finished Watts’ Maelstrom; maybe 2/3 of the way into Behemoth (reading online, so it’s just 1 book); maybe 1/2 way into John Sellers’ Perfect From Now On.

    Oh, and read RASL by Jeff Smith.Report

    • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

      I love Black Dynamite, but I’ve noticed a definite age cutoff when talking to others about it. You have to have seen at least some Black Exploitation movies to appreciate it, I think. The conspiracy theory, and the scene when the lyrics to the music just tell you what he’s doing as he does it, for example.Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

      Finished Behemoth!Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

        And Perfect From Now On!

        A DVR mishap means I missed the last 15 minutes of Breaking Bad.

        I’m sure nothing important happened, right?Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Glyph says:

        Other than Walt creating a new identify, remarrying, and having five boys?Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

        I never saw Breaking Bad turning into a sitcom at this late date.

        Here is the story
        Of a man named Walter
        Who was fleeing from the rubble of his life
        ‘Cos he made that meth of blue, like a robin
        but lost his kids and wife

        Here’s the story of jumpy Lydia
        Who was busy with some Nazis of her own,
        They were felons, birds of a feather,
        But they were all alone.

        Till the one day when the lady met this fellow
        And they knew it was much more than a hunch,
        That this group would somehow form a family.
        That’s the way they all became the Methy Bunch.

    • Avatar Reformed Republican in reply to Glyph says:

      RASL was really good. Surprisingly dark, considering Bone. I read it as it was released, and the issues came months apart. It was torture. I read a lot of comics as collections, and it definitely affects the pacing. A cliffhanger is not the same when it gets resolved on the next page.Report

  3. Avatar Will Truman says:

    Watching: Firefly
    Reading: Tom Strong (Terra Obscura)
    Audioreading: Lions of Lucerne, by Brad ThorReport

  4. Avatar Chris says:

    Watching Luther on Netflix, which is really good if you like slightly overcooked crime dramas (Elba is a fishin’ good actor).

    Reading Grass’ Too Far Afield, which is odd and challenging, but no Tin Drum. I was due for a book that fights back, though, so I’m enjoying it. I think I’ll have to read some Fontane afterwards, given how important he is in the book.

    Even if you don’t have any interest in reading the book, check out the Tim Drum movie. It’s in German, but given how weird the story is, you might appreciate having to read it if you don’t speak German, because it makes sure you’re fully engaged.Report

  5. Avatar Patrick says:

    We watched “In A World” last night, with the kids over at Kitty’s bestie’s house. Which means the last three movies we’ve seen are: “This is the End”, “The World’s End”, and “In A World”.

    It was cute.Report

  6. Avatar Maribou says:

    Thanks to Jaybird’s sharp eyes at Costco, I am watching all of Fraggle Rock. (Really watching it for about the 8th time. Man I loved that show when I was a kid. Still do :).)

    Listening to more of Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series and to anthologized episodes of Stephen Fry’s English Delight.

    Reading all kinds of things, in despite of this paper I still haven’t finished. An anthology of NZ short stories that I’ve been working on slowly all month; Lovett’s The Bookman’s Tale; Healey’s Guardian of the Dead; Penny’s How the Light Gets In. Plus I’ve been spending some quality time with our back issues of Lapham’s Quarterly.Report

  7. Avatar Kazzy says:

    We watched the new “Star Trek” movie last night. Well, Zazzy watched it, I spent 15 minutes trying to remember/figure out if Spock is a robot or just an emotionless organic being (it’s the latter, right?) and then fell asleep.

    The opening scene raised all sorts of ethical questions about the “Prime Directive” or whatever if they were supposed to just let all those people be wiped out by the volcano. But I was slightly hungover from an early morning tailgate at the Army game and decided to just snuggle into my pillow.Report

  8. Avatar zic says:

    Not watching, not reading. Knitting. A scarf that’s a string of tessellated oak leaves, knit from a friend’s wool/angora (that’s rabbit) hand-dyed yarn.

    Common Ground Fair on Friday, the annual organic ag fair sponsored by MOFGA. Enormous crowds. Scored awesome veggies; a soup pot full of them on the stove and bread ready to go into the oven in a few more minutes. Also scored some amazing yarn that will, soon as the current leaves fall from the needles, grow into more leaves as I explore the form.Report

  9. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    This weekend I finally finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. There was a comic mini-series that serves as an epilogue, so I plan to read that, then I will move on to Korra (which I have heard was disappointing).

    There are about 50 pages left of War & Peace, so I can see the finish line. I am not sure what I will dig into next, but it will probably be short and light.

    Now that we have finished “The Kindly Ones,” I will probably begin my reread of Mike Carey’s “Lucifer,” continuing the wacky adventures of our favorite fallen angel.Report

  10. Avatar Kazzy says:

    Breaking Bad…

    A very different episode, both from the recent ones and from what I expected. They’re really setting up for something. As I said to Zazzy, “You could have watched this episode. Well, except for the really, absolutely terrible thing they did. It was spectacularly awful.” I actually didn’t even realize the extent of which until this AM when I got the shakes thinking about it.

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    • Avatar Reformed Republican in reply to Kazzy says:

      People can have more than one motive. I think taking care of his family has always been a big part of it. However, it is his hubris that lead him to get into it on such a large scale and that kept him from stopping when he could have. Those decisions clearly worked against his first motive, but that does not invalidate it. It just shows how flawed he is.

      At least I know that, however this series ends, it will not disappoint as badly as Dexter. There were numerous ways that show could have had a satisfying ending, and the writers managed to use none of them.Report