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  1. Jason Tank says:

    Ivanova’s dreams foreshadow a few things.

    Basic info you may have noticed: Gur npgbe va gur Gentrql znfx nyfb cynlf Tnevonyqv’f nvqr.

    …which is important because it foreshadows: Gur nvqr vf n cneg bs gur pbafcvenpl gung nffnffvangrf Cerfvqrag Fnagvntb.

    And the big reveal coming later: Vinabin vf n yngrag gryrcngu.Report

  2. KatherineMW says:

    This was a good episode, although not a favourite of mine (Ben Zayn seemed a little too overtly villainous, and cracked and started his Motive Rant too fast). But I really like that it added some complexity to Psi Corps by showing that one of their people was a decent guy (and apparently didn’t have much use for Bester). And there’s some good plot development.

    I enjoyed the subplot with Garibaldi and Lennier and the motorbike, although it raised the question of why, when characters in futuristic science fiction have an interest in history, it’s always in something around our own era (or else Shakespeare). Garibaldi could as easily be interested in building an airspeeder from the late 21st-century. Obviously there are reasons plotwise – it’s easier, and it gives the audience a tie-in between our era and B5’s era – but when you see it frequently you start to notice.

    Incidentally, I can take the next episode (Legacies) if you like. I’m not busy at the moment, so really anytime you’re having trouble finding someone for a week you can let me know and I’ll try to fill in.Report

  3. Damon says:

    I too liked the motocycle sub plot. It highlights interesting aspects of different cultures.

    I’d call the mail plot decent and it does advance the storyline but I’m I’m still waiting for the DARK MYSTERIOUS FORCES TO EMERGE part of the arc. 🙂Report