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  1. NewDealer says:

    Saturday morning: Shul for Yom Kippur

    Saturday night: My 33rd birthday celebration. LeeEsq and I were born 33 years ago today.

    Sunday: Probably some work. Ironically considering my stance in the white collar machismo post.Report

  2. Will Truman says:

    Twenty days, cigarette-free. I don’t think I’ll make 27, but I didn’t think I’d make 20. It’ll be pretty awesome when I lose count.

    Clancy started work this week, and is on call on Sunday, so half of my weekend will be spent with the baby. The other half will be clearing out the basement to enable next week’s unpacking. I’ve made some real progress.

    Also: laundry.Report

    • Anne in reply to Will Truman says:

      hey Will I started Wednesday on a vap-cig to try to quit smoking. i would be interested in hearing more about how you are doing, coping, not thinking about it and doing fine….etc. So far I have been fine I think my big problem is more psychological like I know I’m getting the same-ish nicotine but it is not as satisfying as going out and having a smoke.Report

      • Will Truman in reply to Anne says:

        Anne, I plan to write a post on it. A quick primer: Give it time. One friend advised me that it took him three weeks to ween off the regular cigs. It took me a couple of months. And I needed the help of buproprion.

        Speaking of buproprion, here is the important part: I needed bupe for the first few days, after which it became counter-productive. It interferes with the ecigs, albeit not as much as it interferes with the regular ones. That’s what worked for me.

        I have been really aggressive on changing out the cartridges. That has made it more expensive than it otherwise would have been because I haven’t been “using them to the last drop” but right now the eye on the prize of getting through another day. I’ll deal with the rest later.

        At first I tried to replicate, to the note, what I was doing with regular cigarettes. I’d force myself to go outside and smoke the ecigs just like I do the regs. This turned out to be a mistake. The ecigs have advantages in that you don’t have to take them outside. I found it helpful to the transition to take advantage of that. Emulating exactly what I was doing with the regs merely highlighted their inadequacy. I actually attribute the fact that I got to day 20 with the fact that I realized, if I smoked a regular cigarette, that meant going outside into the heat and bugs. I do still go outside, and you will have to at work and such, but I would take advantage of the relative lack of limitation.

        Lastly, try different flavors. Trying only the tobacco flavor once again puts ecigs at a disadvantage. The different flavors give you something the regulars can’t (by law, these days). I still go for the tobacco-flavored ones more than all others, but the variety is novel.

        YMMV on all of this.Report

      • Chris in reply to Anne says:

        Just keep at it. I made the transition, and watched several others do it, and there will come a point (I imagine it’s different from everyone) when the e-cigs become natural, and you don’t crave the real cigarette feeling.Report

      • Anne in reply to Anne says:

        Will thank you I would love to hear. Just had a big comment eaten by the internet gods but long and short of it is….Yes trying other flavors (former Goth girl LOVE Clove cigarettes) so i get that clove flavor as well as a mint and other tobacco flavors I know, for me, a lot of it is ritualistic behavior. Dating myself but first time I quit having coffee without a cig at Village Inn after Rocky Horror….ImpossibleReport

      • Chris in reply to Anne says:

        Dammit, Janet.Report

    • Cascadian in reply to Will Truman says:

      @will-truman Well done. You’re almost encouraging me to get back on the electric wagon.Report

  3. Glyph says:

    Maybe…just maybe…I will get to see The World’s End tomorrow…Report

  4. zic says:

    I will celebrate. I just mailed off a very large portfolio that I’ve been working on frantically.

    I don’t even care if the company in question accepts any of them, pulling the portfolio together was a clarifying experience, sort of helped me have a vision of the journey I’m on as a designer. So I’m celebrating, because I have a collection.

    My sweetie’s enjoying being a prof. of electronic music at Berklee. And once again, the offer’s for doing software development are rolling in. It’s kind of frightening how desperate people are to find folks who can actually code for all the little devices we collect, (and this does not rise to the level of organized, thematic collection). But he’d still rather improvise jazz on the piano.Report

  5. aaron david says:

    I am making it a five dayer, and making the two day jaunt to take my son to college. Dropping him off at the dorms in my hometown.Report

  6. Miss Mary says:

    Boo. I hope you feel better soon!

    Oh my goodness, what a weekend. I just finished my first belly dancing class, so I need need to practice throughout the weekend. Tomorrow (Friday the 13th) is actually Zombie Day at work. I may or may not dress up. I guess that depends on whether or not I feel zombie like in the morning. Tomorrow night is dinner and a movie with friends. Saturday afternoon is the company picnic. And Saturday night is an 80s dance cruise on the river. Sunday I’m hoping to rest and recover. I see a lot of vodka in the near future. But not too much, because I’m doing a diet bet :(.Report

  7. Maribou says:

    Sleeping. Homework. Getting over this cold I gave Jaybird. Gaming, I hope.Report

  8. Reformed Republican says:

    Tomorrow afternoon, my choir is having a big workshop with a guest worship leader and guest soloist, and we will lead those songs on Sunday morning. My son is out of school on Monday, and I am taking the day off so we can go to Universal Studios and get some use out of the annual passes.Report

  9. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    Flying home tomorrow, hoping 2 hours will be enough time to get through the clusterfish that is Heathrow Terminal 5.

    It was fun spending a week with the engineers at Daimler, some extremely nice folks here in Stuttgart. And getting really good looks at the coming models is a pretty sweet bonus.Report

  10. North says:

    Ren Fest. Much overpriced mead will be drunk. After enough cups I won’t feel annoyed about the price as much.Report

  11. Pinky says:

    A weekend on Theraflu sounds way better than anything I had planned.Report