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  1. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    There are a bunch of great little moment in this one, but while I was skimming through the previous issues, something stood out. When Cain goes up to Dream, waving his contract, and demanding something be done about his brother being killed, Dream shuts him down with a word, and Cain looks scared. He did not show fear of Lucifer, back when he was Dream’s messenger, until the point that Lucifer snatched him up by the hair and held him aloft.

    The Corinthian standing up to Death is one of this parts great moments. He has a job to do, and he will do it, even if it is hopeless.

    I think, one way or another, Delirium carried out her threat. She either retroactively changed Mazikeen, or she made her doubt herself. Either way, Mazikeen appeared to be unsettled. Like Cain, she is not one who is frightened easily.

    Lucien is quite clearly capable of handling himself in a fight. After dealing with the things let loose in the library, he is rumpled, so clearing them appears to have been done physically.

    I did not interpret the friend exchange with Matthew and Dream to end with Dream telling Matthew he was not his friend so much as Dream being perplexed by the concept. I do not think he rejects the idea, he just does not completely understand it.Report

    • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Reformed Republican says:

      We’ve seen Dream accept that he and Hob Gadling are friends. He doesn’t put Matthew in the same category.Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Mike Schilling says:

        Yeah, but Dream can be sort of obtuse about this stuff. After all, it took an 80-year imprisonment for him to accept Hob’s claim that they were friends.

        I’d wager that with Matthew, it had just not yet occurred to him, until Matthew said it.

        Also, I don’t know that Cluracan was disguised as Puck (he had wings), just a random tormenting imp or boggart of some kind.

        The art works pretty well in this one. I think Dream’s death scene is pretty powerful.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Mike Schilling says:

        I apparently don’t know who the Puck he was supposed to be.Report

    • Avatar Jason Tank in reply to Reformed Republican says:

      That’s got to be one of the best punishments of all time. I will make you into “person you are”. If Delirium had cursed YOU into who you are now, how much better did you used to be? (Probably wouldn’t work on someone who’s completely happy with themselves. “Maybe I didn’t give up on that dream of being a dancer, but I’m still ok now!”)Report

  2. Avatar Glyph says:

    Encrypting this, just in case people would like to finish the final book before going here:

    V frr zber fhccbeg sbe gur “Qernz qvq guvf gb uvzfrys” gurbel urer.

    Qrngu gnyxf nobhg gur fghss Qernz qbrf jvgubhg arprffnevyl ernyvmvat be orvat ubarfg jvgu uvzfrys nobhg (fur fnlf fbzrguvat yvxr ur’f obgu fgenvtugsbejneq naq qrrcyl qrprcgvir).

    Naq, Ybxv ernyvmrf ur’f orra znavchyngrq – gur vzcyvpngvba gb zr orvat (rpubrq va Yhpvsre’f fcrrpu va ER: uvzfrys naq Gur Perngbe) gung Ybxv gubhtug ur jnf npgvat ntnvafg Qernz, jura va npghnyvgl ur jnf whfg uvf cnja.Report

    • Avatar Russell Saunders in reply to Glyph says:

      V gnxr Ybxv’f ernpgvba, nybat jvgu Chpx’f ravtzngvp nafjre gb jub uverq gurz, gb zrna gung:

      1) Qernz gbgnyyl znavchyngrq gur jubyr guvat naq Ybxv jnf whfg gura ernyvmvat vg, naq

      2) Chpx svtherq vg bhg n ybg rneyvre guna Ybxv qvqReport

  3. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    Among my previous babbling, I forgot to talk about the facets. It is easy to forget that the dream we see is really just one facet of the whole. Also, he put part of his essence into the eagle stone. It is the essence from the eagle stone that is passed on to Daniel. Daniel becomes a different facet of Dream.

    I cannot check right now, but does Matthew carry the Ruby back when he takes Dreams regalia to Daniel, or does that stay with Morpheus?Report

  4. Avatar Jaybird says:

    There was another option. Abel mentioned it.


    This is what happened to Orestes. Orestes killed his mother (for killing his father) and the Furies set upon him… at the trial, Orestes was acquitted and the furies said, pretty much, that they don’t care and they will turn Athens inside out if they have to. Athena, however, turned them from the Furies to the Semnai. They turned from, well, the Dionysian idea of Justice to the Apollonian.

    There are versions of the story that get really pop psychology with these pieces… Orested was beset by the Furies until, in the trial, he argued against Apollo (his defense attorney) that he was not *MADE* to do this, but that he *CHOSE* to do it and that was when the Furies shifted… but even ignoring that, it seems like there was a third way.Report

    • Avatar North in reply to Jaybird says:

      This would require that Morpheus desired to survive this encounter; I think the comics establish pretty firmly that he did not.
      He could have changed his mind of course.Report