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  1. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    You’ve never heard of Vernon Jordan Davis or Anquan Boldin?Report

    • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Mike Schilling says:

      Boldin hasn’t had a 1000 year in 3 years, back when he was opposite Larry Fitzgerald. He’s a good safety valve but if he’s your #1, you’re not going to have a dominant passing attack. See: the Baltimore Ravens.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Kazzy says:

        Davis was good for 900 yards two years ago. He was MIA last year after Kaepernick took over, but if the two of them can establish the same rapport David had with Smith, I expect great things.Report

      • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Kazzy says:

        Why did that happen last year? Was the play calling different? Does Kap not go through full progressions yet?Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Kazzy says:

        Good questions. My impression is that Kaepernick developed that same kind of rapport with Crabtree, which was part of the reason for his breakout season. With Crabtree out, K. will have to start finding Vernon.Report

      • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Kazzy says:

        It often seems to be the case that young QBs zero in on one WR. Going through a full progression is hard when you have an NFL rush bearing down on you. And when you have the ability and talent to pull it down and run, well, who would blame you for not checking your 3rd and 4th options? Given that Davis can be more of a vertical and outside threat than your typical TE, it wouldn’t shock me if his workload increases.

        I should also note that I think the world of Kaepernick. I just think there is still a lot of growth he needs to make, as is typical for a QB with his level of experience. Fortunately, he’s got a bit of a QB guru as a HC.

        I almost wrote a post on some ESPN talking head’s (Clayton, maybe?) where he ranked the QBs and had Schaub in his top 10 (#10) and all the young guys in the mid-teens. It almost broke my brain. And I think shows the reflexive presumption that traditional pocket passers are inherently superior. I think this current crop of dudes will challenge that because they all seem to have the pocket passer skill set in addition to the other stuff. RGIII led the league in completion percentage, if I remember (an overrated stat as I understand it, but valued by a certain set of folks). Wilson showed incredible poise in the pocket. And Kaepernick strikes me as above average in all aspects, exceedingly so in some.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Kazzy says:

        Kaepernick passed for 412 yards today, including 208 to Boldin, 98 to Davis, and 8 catches by four other receivers, so I think he’s starting to learn how to distribute the ball.Report

      • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Kazzy says:


        Well, it is quite possible I need to eat crow on Mr. Boldin. His lack of top end speed (or even medium end speed) always made me think he paled as a true number one. This was confirmed by the downgrade in his numbers upon arriving in Baltimore and losing an elite WR across from him.

        Well, at the risk of overstating one game, it is possible that Boldin’s issue in Baltimore was less to do with him and more to do with Mr. Flacco. I fear Baltimore will soon rue the deal they gave Captain Eyebrows.

        Kap looked great. He even missed a couple of throws (the deep ball to Williams* that he underthrew stands out in particular) that would have made it more stellar, but those things happen. I liked his postgame presser as well… “Get a better plan.” Damn. Kid has balls. You should be in for a good year.

        * Williams strikes me as Desean Jackson-esque in that it is hard to overthrew him, so don’t hold back. If/when Kap and he find the rhythm and range on the deep ball, look out. Blowing the top of the defense will open up the middle and underneath stuff for Boldin and Davis and create more running lanes for Kap. Yikes.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Kazzy says:

        If only it were safe to extrapolate Boldin to 3300 yards 🙂Report

      • Avatar Burt Likko in reply to Kazzy says:

        Particularly for those of us who have Boldin on our teams. Boldin was singularly responsible for a great first week score for the Malicious Prosecutors.Report

      • Avatar Jim Heffman in reply to Kazzy says:

        “And I think shows the reflexive presumption that traditional pocket passers are inherently superior.”

        To be fair, this has some grounding based on the performance of QBs like Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, who were going to do some Grantland Rice stuff to defenses but never quite managed to get there.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    They’ll be better, but have Andy Reid and Alex Smith… not exactly a recipe for 12-4.

    In Smith’s last two years as a starter, he was 19-5-1.Report

    • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Mike Schilling says:

      The 49ers were, anchored by a great coach, league-leading defense, and good running game. QBs do not win games; teams do.

      I do not think Smith and Reid together make the Chiefs go from 2-14 to 12-4.Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to Kazzy says:

        Certainly not 12-4, but I’ll bet you they win at least 6.Report

      • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Kazzy says:

        Oh yes, I agree with you there.

        And I should temper, or at least clarify, my criticism. I actually think Reid and Smith are a good match. Reid is a west coast coach and Smith is a west coast QB. It is somewhat ironic that Smith ended up in SF when they were not running a west coast offense. It would not shock me if the Chiefs broke .500 or even made the playoffs (their weak division and schedule help that). But I don’t think they’re a dominant team and despite all the love they’re getting, they should be no one’s favorite for the SB.Report

  3. Avatar Chris says:

    Go Titans! Here’s hoping for an 8-8 season and only moderate irrelevancy.Report

  4. Avatar Jaybird says:

    I’m still torn about the Manning thing.

    I don’t know whether to cheer or what. Sadly, I don’t think chanting “Tebow” at him is really a viable option.

    Well… at least I can still hate the Patriots.Report

  5. Avatar Kazzy says:


    I do have to say that this 49ers team is really good when they are on.

    Two years ago, when they lost to the Giants in the NFC Championship, that was the first game I had really watched them through and through. I remember thinking, “Why does their defense look like that? It’s so weird.” Then I realized I was thinking of the Eagles and (less so) the Giants. I had forgotten what good linebacker play looks like.Report