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  1. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    I planned on attending the annual dove shoot on Saturday. Instead I was told we will be working at 6am to dig out of a hole we have found ourselves in. Ugh. That means a very early wake up call and no hunting. I will go in and mutter curses about my employer under my breath the entire time. Home for a nap and then attempt to salvage the evening with a nice dinner and maybe a movie.

    Sunday we were invited to a polo match. Very foo-foo. The ladies of the house are excited to dress up and re-enact the scene from Pretty Woman. I will eat lots of delicious free food and try not to sweat too much.


  2. Avatar J@m3z Aitch says:

    Fixing loose shingles on my mom’s roof tomorrow, hope to finish painting the NW wall of my house Sat/Sun? There are people who have time to watch football on the weekends?Report

  3. Avatar RTod says:

    Bachelor party.

    Nuf said.Report

  4. Avatar Will Truman says:

    Thirteen days without a cigarette. I’m not sure I’m going to make it to twenty, but it’s all going better than expected.

    This is the last weekend before Clancy goes back to work. The state medical board only meets once every two months, which was the cause for the delay.

    Clancy’s sister may be visiting us. Which means I guess I gotta look around and figure out how I am going to organize the rest of the house, since I don’t think Clancy will be able to do anymore. My computer crashed three times today and I told myself I couldn’t order the new one until everything was packed away. Motivation.

    Also, college football.Report

    • Avatar Chris in reply to Will Truman says:

      Thirteen days without a cigarette.

      Woot woot, as the kids say.

      Hopin’ you make it to 20.Report

    • Avatar zic in reply to Will Truman says:

      Good job. I hope you can keep it up. I keep falling off the wagon; mostly in times of stress. But I know I can get through it, now.

      I started as a teenager, and it seems to be hooked into my pleasure centers. I’m grateful it’s a bit more difficult for children to access tobacco, now. I suspect trying it after 21, after the brain’s developed, makes it easier to quit later on.Report

      • Avatar Will Truman in reply to zic says:

        There’s some science beyond the before/after 21 thing. Which makes me feel better, since I was 22.

        Have you tried ecigarettes?Report

      • Avatar zic in reply to zic says:


        I just try not to smoke, and not to be around smokers when the stress level’s are soaring. Chocolate, at those times, is my good friend.Report

      • Avatar Cascadian in reply to zic says:

        @will-truman I started young as well. I made it a month on ecigs last year but got a burn on my tongue and roof of my mouth. In hindsight, still better than the hack I’m currently working on. Ecigs didn’t quite solve my cravings but I need to try and get back to them.Report

    • Avatar Pinky in reply to Will Truman says:

      I gave up chewing tobacco after 5 years in my late teens/early 20’s. The first five days, you’re dealing with withdrawl. The next couple of weeks, you’re dealing with psychological stuff. After that, it’s just keeping yourself out of the habit (which is harder than you’d think, but it’s nothing compared to the first five days).

      If your computer crashed three times today and you’re still mentally fit enough to write coherent sentences with punctuation and everything, you’re out of the woods. Congratulations. Now, define yourself as an ex-smoker who hates smokers (including your old self). The self-loathing will give you a new persona. Yeah, it’s not the most sane advice, but it does help.Report

  5. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    Thinking vaguely about seeing the Giants, who just got back home. The Panda had three homers last night, for the first time since the World Series, and tonight he hit a triple, which, given his bulk, is even less likely.Report

  6. Avatar Maribou says:

    Work. And school. But mostly work.Report

  7. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    I plan to do a lot of reading this weekend. I have about 400 pages left in War and Peace, and I want to get through all of them.

    I will probably squeeze in a little bit of Freaks and Geeks, and possibly get in some video games, but most of my non-chore time will be spent in a book.Report

  8. Avatar zic says:

    Celebrating my 53 birthday.

    New job for my sweetie; he’ll be prepping to teach classes at Berklee, and he has gigs tonight, Saturday night, and Sunday night.

    Finalizing the details in a design portfolio I’ve been working on for a while, now. Should be ready to go by Monday.Report

  9. Avatar Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    Recovering from the flu & packing for a week in Stuttgart, Germany (I am doing some work for Daimler). Also getting the new security system installed in the house.Report

  10. Avatar Fish says:

    Yesterday I finally decided to quit soccer and find a drum instructor. My youngest son’s guitar instructor recommended the drum instructor down the hall who just so happened to have a slot open right before my son’s guitar lesson. Tonight after work, I’ll head to the local music school/store to purchase a set of 2B sticks and a pad of manuscript paper. Excited! (Also hoping that I’ll prove to be a better drummer than I ever was a soccer player (that’s a very low bar)).

    0800 soccer game for the aforementioned boy on Saturday, followed by hanging out with friends that afternoon. Sunday might be football…but that depends on how much care I can muster. My interest has seriously waned over the past few years, but it’s an excuse to go sit in a sports bar with friends and have a few beers while eating bad food, so…Report

    • Avatar zic in reply to Fish says:


      Just remember the secret of success at mastering a new instrument: repetitive practice. Better to practice 15 min. a day every day than two hours one day a week. Helps you better build up the muscle memory!Report

    • Avatar BlaiseP in reply to Fish says:

      Though nothing is less-wanted than unwanted advice, if you’re going to take up drumming, rather than go with just a practice pad, get a set of electronic drums. They’re not hard to build and have the advantage of portability. A good set of samples and you’re off and running.

      Good luck…Report

      • Avatar zic in reply to BlaiseP says:

        This is excellent advice. I’d add a good set of studio headphones, too. This allows you to play along with your music collection, without bugging anyone, except for the percussive thumping from the sticks on pads; which can be transported through an apartment floor quite loudly. Good padding underneath, a rug over a thick pad, helps.Report

      • Avatar BlaiseP in reply to BlaiseP says:

        There’s another practical advantage: if your drum rig is connected to a computer, many things become possible. Click tracks, recording, overdubs, revoicing, the possibilities are damned near endless. MIDI files are small, powerful and portable.Report

      • Avatar Fish in reply to BlaiseP says:

        Thanks, guys.

        Reading all of your recommendations made me smile, because I’ve already got a nice Roland TD-4 kit down in the basement connected to a PC running Ubuntu which I built out of spare parts. This allows me to play along with mp3’s. No studio-quality headset, though. I’ve been a dabbler for a few years but now I’m hoping to learn how to actually _play_ the darn things! Good tip on the practice schedule, zic. I’m hoping to get at least 3-4 practice sessions in a week in the sliver of time between dinner and the kid’s bedtime.Report

  11. Avatar Cascadian says:

    @Dudette Happy Birthday! 😉

    Another weekend, another sporting event in Whistler (GranFondo), another weekend of heavy traffic and road closures. I’ll be staying home mowing the lawn, working on the garage a bit, getting it ready for waxing season.Report

  12. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Driving up US-395 to Lake Tahoe. Fresh Sierra air, high altitude. Kayaks. Grilled salmon. Starlight.Report