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8 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    You know what? The art has really started working for me.Report

  2. Jason Tank says:

    I’ve been waiting for this moment since someone else first turned me on to this information…

    Mother: Lyta, powering the Kindly Ones
    Crone: Thessaly, protecting Lyta in the waking world
    Maiden: Nuala, pulling Morpheus out of the Dreaming at the worst possible time

    They’re everywhere.Report

  3. Jason Tank says:

    Two more bits:

    It was Cluracan who gave Nuala the glamour, not the Queen. You can see him do it in the panel to the left. Mab/Titania/Whoever would never stoop so low as to dress someone.

    It always got me a little bit that Cain saved Goldie. Even jerks have soft spots.Report

  4. Jaybird says:

    (Oh, and if you didn’t catch it, if you ever need a word that means both red and green, it’s “sinople”.)Report

  5. Glyph says:

    Man, the Loki stuff (including his return to incarceration, and him twisting the knife with Thor, and Loki’s own faithful wife) is harsh & haunting.

    Cluracan’s exposition re: Faerie and custom also serves as commentary on where Morpheus is at this point.

    Mervyn with an army jacket and machine gun (and a cigar that makes him cough – presumably he’s smoking it like he does his cigarettes) is awesome, and possible tattoo material. Just like he’s said all along, he’s a pumpkin of action, not a moony dreamer like his boss. His “war dialogue” is hilarious.

    Not that it helps him, and I like that Lucien is pissed about that.

    Morpheus’ carriage that becomes the train bit reminds me of Stephen King a little (maybe it’s the interpolation of the “you can be me when I’m gone” part, which seems like the kind of repetitive song lyric King likes to use for motif/prophecy).

    Morpheus sure appears to tolerate Cain more than he likes him, doesn’t he? Kind of a cold/formal greeting, even for him.

    I didn’t look back to check, but the last panel of 11 (Dream holding his helm, getting ready to go) looks a lot like the panel when he leaves to go back to Hell for Nada.

    Possible spoilers: Gur Chpx tvirf n cbffvoyr pyhr gb jub vf oruvaq nyy guvf, jura gur Pbevaguvna nfxf: ur pbhyq nafjre gung dhrfgvba “raqyrffyl”, juvpu V gnxr va fhccbeg bs zl vagrecergngvba (naq nyfb, vg bpphef gb zr, yraqf vgfrys gb nabgure flzobyvp vagrecergngvba, juvpu V arrq gb guvax zber nobhg).

    Ohg gura ntnva, Gur Chpx yvrf.Report

    • Russell Saunders in reply to Glyph says:

      V qb, vaqrrq, guvax Chpx’f nafjre zrnaf fbzrguvat. V’z whfg abg fher juvpu bs gur Raqyrff ur zrnaf.Report

      • Glyph in reply to Russell Saunders says:

        Oh what the hell, I’ll do this now, so someone can tell me this is cockamamie:

        Fb V unir fnvq orsber gung V fhofpevor gb gur gurbel gung Zbecurhf uvzfrys ratvarrerq uvf bja qbjasnyy, naq gur bayl erny dhrfgvba vf gb jung qrterr ur jnf pbafpvbhf bs qbvat fb, be jurgure ur uvq uvf bja zbgvingvbaf sebz uvzfrys.

        Ohg vg bpphef gb zr gung Chpx’f fyl qvt pbhyq or gnxra nf n jvqre vzcyvpngvba bs NYY gur Raqyrff, jubfr irel rkvfgrapr pnhfrf rssrpgf ba gur havirefr (naq znlor, rnpu bgure).

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        VBJ, jub xvyyrq gur Xraarqlf?

        Nsgre nyy, vg jnf nyy bs gurz.Report