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We see how powerful these things can be…

Nob’s Syria Reading List for 8/28

So, I’ve gotten a bit impatient with reading some of what passes for “debate” on the Syria matter. I’m still extremely ambivalent on the issue and I’ll probably spell that out in a long-form...

Many of You Are Going to Hell

Scripture and Tradition both indicate that few are saved and many are damned. Should Christians assent to this doctrine?

Inequality and MLK

An insightful Bloomberg op-ed highlights the special relationship between Martin Luther King and organized labor.

The Code of the Bagginses

If P. G. Wodehouse had moved from musical comedy to epic fantasy, it might have begun something like this.

Lap-pop I!

MacBooks, Melodies and Melancholy.

The Executioner

“I’ll get the right arm, you get the left. One of us will have the actual agents, and the other will have saline solution.”

Own Comment Rescue, Inflation Edition

Continuing with the recent, curious trend of deeming my comments worthy of being highlighted in posts of their own, our friend Murali sent me an email

On Syria

Wise words from a nerd on Syria, chemical weapons, and Western intervention.

Ordinary Tales – An Introduction and Call for Submissions

Starting today, Ordinary Times is pleased to announce a new regular sub-blog category, Ordinary Tales. Ordinary Tales will feature fiction, poetry, personal essays, original music, and visual art submissions.

Defining Cultural Decline

Rufus takes a stab at explaining why he finds the local culture where he lives to be pathological but not in decline.

Driving Blind: The Road to “Intervention”

While the President and his administration prime the American public for war with Syria, a look at some of the day’s most prevalent writing on the topic demonstrates just how little anyone knows about what might happen after the country does so.