Glyph is worse than some and better than others. He believes that life is just one damned thing after another, that only pop music can save us now, and that mercy is the mark of a great man (but he's just all right). Nothing he writes here should be taken as an indication that he knows anything about anything.

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  1. Avatar greginak says:

    Not listening to any albums at work today. But i’ve been listening to Soma.Fm’s Secret Agent and Space Station channels with a little Digitally Imported Future Synthpop channel mixed in.Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to greginak says:

      I…don’t know what that means. Post some songs!

      Also, speaking of new releases with strident vocals, I’m in the hospital right now, listening to the most recent (and final) edition of Glyph’s Gals, which came out at 9:37 AM today.

      Early reviews are positive. Seven pounds, fifteen ounces, infinite love.Report

  2. Avatar Tim Kowal says:

    Had no idea the chunk was still making records. Not sure how I feel about that. Bands from my youth are supposed to be like high school girls — I get older, they stay the same age.Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to Tim Kowal says:

      They took a long break between Here’s to Shutting Up (2001) and Majesty Shredding (2010). I didn’t care for Shutting Up too much, it seemed like they were out of gas, but both the most recent two have gotten good reviews – not just from professional reviewers, but people who I know are long-time fans. I am gonna keep an eye out for these.

      Did you ever get a chance to see them? Great live act. Laura is not touring with them right now (hearing issues of some kind) though she’s still in the band/plays on the records.Report

      • Avatar Tim Kowal in reply to Glyph says:

        Always wanted to but never did make it to one of their shows. I always thought Here’s Where the Strings Come In was their best album, even if a lot of their best songs were released elsewhere.Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

        Depending what day you ask me, Strings might be my fav too. Top 3 for sure, anyway.

        When I was talking in the OP about “teenage desperation”, “Detroit Has A Skyline” is exactly what I mean. I love that song, both the velocity and the hurt of it. Probably my favorite song of theirs.Report

  3. Avatar Damon says:

    cats are evil. That’s why i like them.Report

  4. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    Yesterday, I took a 15 minute nap. When I fell asleep, I was listening to Alice In Chains Unplugged through my media server. When I woke up, it was Eric Clapton Unplugged. It took my not-fully-awake brain a few minutes to ponder what Eric Clapton was doing playing with Alice in Chains. When I returned to full consciousness, I realized that, since both of the albums were called “Unplugged” they were in the same folder, and the tracks were intermingled.Report