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16 Responses

  1. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    BBQ with friends, date (although I have yet to start online dating), and bringing Junior to visit my ex-mother-in-law. Fun, fun!Report

  2. Avatar Chris says:

    Teenager, so swimming, maybe a movie, probably doing a little bit of school shopping (we picked him up some new glasses already, so this time it’s going to be some fashionable clothes, which means I won’t be picking them out). Maybe some board games, and just chillin’ like a villain (or Bob Dylan). I believe on Sunday we’ll have his 5-year old li’l brother with us for a couple hours, which, given how incredibly hyper he is, will feel like 2 or 3 days (and I will probably need ice packs when it’s over — seriously, I think hurting me must be the funniest thing in the world to kids of a certain age, because he and his little 4-year old friend who visits sometimes never get tired of it, and they laugh their little asses off about it).Report

  3. Avatar Cascadian says:

    The Whistler Iron Man is this weekend so we’ll be staying closer to home. The weather is also starting to change. Depending on the rain we’ll either get out for a ride on one of the local trails or just hang out, eat, maybe a little rock band. The biggest thing is my little one comes back home Sunday night. I miss her. I’m looking forward to having her home and starting the new year.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Cascadian says:

      Whistler Iron Man

      So I immediately thought of Ironman sitting in a chair on the right side of the canvas wondering why in the heck something like that would change traffic or tourism patterns. “You’ll get, maybe, ten people to the museum who otherwise wouldn’t have gone. Free Comic Book Day causes more of a ruckus.”

      And then I remembered to check definition two.Report

  4. Avatar Stillwater says:

    Here’s my weekend: helping a friend frame up his new garage on Saturday; loading all the accumulated Joadness in our yard onto the trailer for a dump run on Sunday. But the weather is nice and the moon is out. So … not too bad.Report

  5. Avatar BlaiseP says:

    Jaybird and anyone else planning to catch The World’s End. You simply must read (and hear) the interview.Report

  6. Avatar Glyph says:

    The Circle of Life (and No Sleep).Report

  7. Avatar Fish says:

    Cymbeline at Rock Ledge Ranch tomorrow night!Report

    • Avatar Chris in reply to Fish says:

      Rock Ledge Ranch makes it sound like a really unfortunate place to put a ranch. “We keep losing our cows… over the rock ledge. How did we not see that coming?”Report

  8. Avatar Will Truman says:

    Unpacking. Hasn’t either packing or unpacking been my answer for like the last year?

    We rented a storage unit because we determined that we just aren’t going to be able to fit everything into this small house and, unlike the last small house, we don’t have a garage to store stuff.

    I am hoping to get the TV set up this weekend, which means I’ll be able to treat myself to the rest of Hannibal and try out some of the summer shows I haven’t been able to watch because of the move. Anyone seen Graceland? King & Maxwell? The Bridge? Under The Dome?Report

  9. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    I am thinking about going to the flea market tomorrow, just because I have not been to one in a while.

    I want to watch SummerSlam, because everything I have heard about it was positive. I recently got started following wrestling again after a very long hiatus, and it seems like it is a good time to get back in.

    I am traveling to Houston for a training course next week, so I will be getting stuff together for that.

    I am not sure what else I will be doing.Report

  10. Avatar LeeEsq says:


    Saturday-Chores and nothing. At least one day a week, I make a promise not to venture into Manhattan and stick around the neighborhood.

    Sunday-Laundry and a party at night.Report

  11. Avatar Anne says:

    Saturday morning (at 7:00 am for the love of God) Paint ball for my nephews birthday Sunday dinner with my family for Mom’s B-dayReport

  12. Avatar ScarletNumber says:


    This weekend is the AANR Eastern Regional Convention.Report