And Then They Came Home

Burt Likko

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3 Responses

  1. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    The things that one happens to read in the same day…

    Today Balko had posted his response to a review of his book on PoliceOne.

    That is not the first time I have seen police compare the urban landscape with the battlefields of Iraq & Afghanistan, and paint themselves as heroic soldiers. It truly disturbs me that they feel the need to do so. It offends me because it cheapens the experiences of our actual soldiers.Report

  2. Fish says:

    If you haven’t already seen it, I’d recommend the documentary “Restrepo,” following a platoon of soldiers in the Korangal Valley in Afghanistan.

    “My grandfather fought in the Second World War and he would never let down his fear of vulnerability enough to talk to his own grandson…”

    About a decade ago I attended a training class near Denver with a co-worker and we stayed with his grandparents. He told me in advance that his grandfather had been a bomber pilot in Europe during WWII and had taken wounds which limited the use of his left arm. Over the course of the week, his grandfather told us all sorts of stories about his experiences and I learned that he had been a B-24 Liberator pilot, had been stationed in England near where I had been when I was active duty many decades later, and had earned either a Silver Star or a Distinguished Flying Cross (I forget which) for getting his plane and his crew safely home after getting shot up and wounded over France.

    My friend was amazed because it had been his first time hearing all those stories, too. I guess sometimes it’s just easier to open up to a stranger.Report

  3. Michael Drew says:

    I’ll look for this in my area.

    Another essential document of broken homecomings in this long war is a Frontline episode from a few years ago called, The Wounded Platoon. It really affected me.

    That, and every single report Daniel Zwerdling has done on NPR for the last ten years or so (he may have moved off the veteran beat recently, though, I’m not sure).Report