Get used to this headline: Tebow Wins!



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19 Responses

  1. Avatar dexter says:

    Did tebow win the game without anybody on his side while playing both offense and defense or did he have THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS helping?
    As a Louisiana man I have hated tebow for years. And since he became a pro my hatred has only intensified and for the first time in a while I will root against the Pats. Tebow is one of those people that have a five million dollar body and a ten cent mind. If he would shut up and play my disdain for him would lessen, but that won’t happen. He is just one of those people I love to hate.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    I hate to do this, because it’s like shooting in a barrel, but you do realize that Tebow had a 24-14 lead when he entered the game. His line was 4 of 12 for 55 (avg 4.6), no TD, no INT, 3 sacks for 23 yards for a magnificent 49.3 QBR, and that was playing against guys who mostly won’t make their team this year.Report

  3. Avatar dexter says:

    Totally off subject but what is with the new reply system where one can only reply to certain people?
    Mike, thanks for the stats. That brings joy to a hater.Report

  4. Avatar Chris says:

    Tebow’s projected to win 12 games this year, assuming he makes the final roster.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      Oh, man. I hope he does. That will drive everybody *NUTS*.Report

      • Avatar Chris says:

        I admit to Tebow hate, because while he was at Florida he beat my alma mater 3 straight years by a lot of points, and I tend to hate players from rival schools period (ask me how I feel about anyone who’s played for Duke ever). My Tebow hate is purely superficial, though; it’s mostly just an “Ugh, Tebow” sort of hate. So even I find the level of Tebow-animosity odd, at times amusing, and at others disturbing. When the culture wars make it into sports at this level, something’s gone awry.Report

      • Avatar Will Truman says:

        while he was at Florida he beat my alma mater 3 straight years by a lot of points,

        As opposed to usual? (Not that I have room to say anything.)Report

      • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

        I don’t hate him; as far as I can tell, he’s a pretty good guy. But he’s a terrible NFL quarterback. Hearing people insist he has any QB skills is like hearing people who think that Derek Jeter is a good defensive shortstop.Report

      • Avatar Chris says:

        Mike, what, you’re saying jump passes don’t work in the NFL?

        Also, Jeter has heart, man. He plays the game right.Report

      • Avatar Chris says:

        Will, there was a point at which we had the #1 recruiting class for 2014. Granted, that point was about 5 months before the main recruiting period, but still… we’re going to be mediocre in a few years!Report

  5. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    All he does is win, baby!

    Here’s the real test, Mr. @jaybird — how high will you draft him in the fantasy league?Report

  6. Avatar Dman says:

    I have been on two mock drafts where people have grabbed Tebow in the first round. Of course, I dared those people to it it in the real thing. I had no answers from them.Report

  7. Avatar Fish says:

    If there’s anyone who can make Tebow useful on the football field, it’s Belichick. But he’s third on the depth chart and I can’t fathom New England carrying three quarterbacks when one of them is Tom Brady.Report