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  1. Sterling Crews says:

    If I have time, XCOM. I’ll try to bring at least a couple countries away from high panic. My lack of foresight with the uplinks in the very beginning is really biting me in the arse right now.

    Also, if I have a bit more time, I might take another swipe at Catherine. The baby boss has crushed my character so many times that it has become a bit disheartening.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Sterling Crews says:

      I have grown massively irritated with XCom. I’ve restarted it a half-dozen times due to the EXACT uplink problem you mention.

      And, in that vein, I am really looking forward to The Bureau.Report

    • Fish in reply to Sterling Crews says:

      The goal of my current XCOM game is to capture three specific achievements which have up to this point eluded me. I for sure got one and I think I’ve earned one other, but the last one has to do with capturing and interrogating a specific alien, a task I failed to accomplish due to an unfortunate incident with an Assault and the “Close Combat Specialist” ability…But that’s ok! I view it as more incentive to start another game, especially since I need to replay anyway to take advantage of a particularly nice person who gifted me the “Slingshot” DLC! πŸ™‚Report

  2. Michael Cain says:

    As on most Saturday mornings, two hours of fencing. Defense must have been better today — only picked up one painful-looking abrasion. Got caught right on the collar bone, so it’ll probably be black-and-blue tomorrow and sore to the touch for a couple of days. Should have worn my chest protector, I suppose, but it was too warm and humid at the rec center to put on another layer.Report

  3. Pinky says:

    Civilization IV! I finally got it, based on the countless thumbs-ups from this site. I have very little idea what I”m doing. I have it set on the easiest possible setting (a wise move) and a marathon game speed (probably not so wise). It’s easy in the same way that a spelling bee against third-graders would be easy – I know that a victory doesn’t mean I’m any good. More worrying is that I’m pretty sure I’ve been playing it for three days straight, meaning I must have forgotten to go into work at some point.Report

  4. Reformed Republican says:

    Wrapped up Shadowrun Returns Friday night. I will probably replay the campaign at some point, but I will take a break before I do. Played in the pirate DLC to Borderlands 2 with my solo Gunzerker. Played in the arena DLC on my Siren with my son.

    I also restarted Dungeons and Dragons Online. I played about a year ago, but got sidetracked at some point. I think turns in my Dominions 3 Multiplayer games were taking up too much time. I ran my Warforged Fighter through a mission and got the last bit of XP to reach level 5. That opens up some quests that I could not do as a lowly level 4.

    My son and I also got in some time on tabletop DnD. He moved on to the next dungeon of the adventure, which is infested with low-level Drow.Report

  5. spivak says:

    Dark Corners of the Earth.

    I escaped Innsmouth, kinda, and it’s a nice game. Just the tempo of gameplay is the same, frantic sneaking and occasional combat. There’s absolutely no downtime.Report