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Monday Trivia #124 – Mo Wins!

(Kazzy here, trying my hand at Trivia, which Burt and Will were so graceful to let me do.  Apologies in advance if I somehow goof this, but I’m pretty sure I got it right.)...

FNC: Where a Muslim is Just a Muslim

Reza Aslan, author of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus Christ, pushes back against FNC’s Lauren Green’s assertions that it was somehow inappropriate for a Muslim to write a book about the founder...

Who owes you a living wage?

Jason Brennan, over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians argues that employers do not owe their employees a living wage. This is in the context of whether the government subsidises Wal-Mart by providing the welfare state...


So… what are you reading and/or watching?

Unclear on the Concept

Discussing Eric Holder’s proposed challenge to Texas’s recent change to voting laws, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah reveals some unclarity on the nature of despotism. “The court has already ruled — and he’s trying...

The Inequality President

Reading the interview, you get the impression of a guy already trying to define the way his presidency is interpreted and his immediate post-presidency is understood.

Whither Babbitt?

If the American middle class vanishes, will the American bourgeois mindset be lost forever?


What do you do when a movie character reminds you of your weaknesses?


Well, we’ve discovered that Lucifer doesn’t like Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Liberal-Radical Relationship

The radical and the liberal suffer from opposite afflictions.* The radical, taking her distance from the mainstream as a measure of her probity, hastens the isolating slide. Existing in a brutally unjust world, her...