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A Healthy Commotion – An Introduction


I’m not going to ask you to read a flowery, self-regarding introduction to this blog. That would be annoying. Instead, I’m just going to tell you what this blog intends to do and what it hopes to be. When it comes to the doing, the answer is simple: putting out, on a daily basis, some of the best, most incisive, and most well-written commentary on American politics you can find, period. But when it comes to the being — well, beyond the voice of the Left here at Ordinary Times, that’s a little harder to say.

For those already well-ensconced in the political blogosphere, think of A Healthy Commotion as an attempt to marry the best parts of Balloon Juice and Crooked Timber. For those blissfully unaware of what the hell that means, the answer is: a group blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously while, at the same time, taking politics and political ideology very seriously. You’ll find smart-but-lighthearted remarks on whatever’s consuming mainstream political journalism, but you’ll also find thoughtful and informed pieces on the larger ideological and material trends that determine the parameters of our political world.

In short, we intend to create and contribute to what Howard Zinn called “that healthy commotion that has always attended the growth of justice.” We hope you’ll join us.

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30 thoughts on “A Healthy Commotion – An Introduction

  1. Cool. Should be good fun and we’ll have a better comments section than BJ. Just don’t go for the pet obsession thing.


  2. Of course I’ll join you! I think it’s splendid that you’ve decided to coalesce to form a unified “voice of the Left” here at OT, and it’s wonderful to have such intelligent, thoughtful writers contributing to the intellectual ferment and diversity of opinions.

    Mazel tov.


  3. I don’t know why, but Ethan’s stuff has rarely struck me as clearly coming from “The Left”…maybe for the same reason that when we took that “2012 Candidate Quiz”, I came out with almost as much affinity for Jill Stein as I did for Gary Johnson…like maybe he hits where both libertarianish and leftish start to shade into anarchish?

    NOTE TO SELF: Register new political party: the Ish Party…where we takes the best, and we leaves the rest.

    Anyway, cool new digs, guys.


  4. This is pretty exciting stuff. All of you guys are great writers and an interesting, thoughtful, creative thinkers, so I’ll be checking in regularly.


  5. Very excited to see where this goes. Elias and Ethan, you guys just need to make sure to keep Shawn posting on a (semi) regular basis.

    Not that I’m one to talk.


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