Stupid Tuesday questions, Whiskey Blue edition

Russell Saunders

Russell Saunders is the ridiculously flimsy pseudonym of a pediatrician in New England. He has a husband, three sons, daughter, cat and dog, though not in that order. He enjoys reading, running and cooking. He can be contacted at blindeddoc using his Gmail account. Twitter types can follow him @russellsaunder1.

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  1. North says:

    The fishery that generations of my family made a (hard) living on and that was sputtering out when I was a lad is now gone. My ancestral home is virtually abandoned and if I visited it I’d find it all falling down (but still beautiful, heart achingly brutally beautiful).
    I’ll never be able to truly accept that. Despite having literally just typed it out my heart is telling me with absolute confidence that the Island is still there, the old timers are still fishing and I could go back to visit any time. My Grandmother is still there too, waiting to give me a baked haddock and some homemade bread.Report