Daily Archive: June 24, 2013

Nobody this ignorant should be making laws anywhere

I usually avoid commenting on the stupid things people say when crafting laws at the state level.  It seems like a cheap way of making snarky comments when someone in a state legislature says something dumb and everyone across the country gets to cover their mouths and titter. But as God is my witness, I cannot help myself right now.  From Texas (via TPM): One Texas GOP state representative is apparently confused about what “rape kits” are used for. While the […]

I know I am going to regret this

First of all, enough already with the breathless coverage of Edward Snowden’s location.  Really.  Enough.  As much as everyone would like life to resemble a Robert Ludlum novel, it so rarely does.  Unless there is something innately newsworthy in his absence from a plane, I don’t need to know which vaguely hostile nation is harboring him at any given time. So I know I am totally asking for it by saying this, but maybe we can all take a moment […]

Vagrant Story

You can read about my pick for the best video game ever over on the front page.

Big Monday 2013

Today is the last scheduled day for decisions and opinions scheduled by the Supreme Court. In the comments to this post, I’ll be glossing the Voting Rights Act, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage cases.*...