Daily Archive: June 23, 2013


Best Video Game Series Introduction

Evening to you, gamers.  Tomorrow we’ll begin our promised series in which those of us with an itch to talk video games using lots of  superlatives defend our pick for the title of best...


Hot But Dull

I really wanted Man of Steel to be fun movie. And at times, it was. It was worth the matinee price. [Continued at NaPP]


The Rehabilitation of Mike Tyson

The recent conversation about Chris Brown reminds me of something I have been wanting to write a post on for a little while. Ever since I saw one of the closing episodes of last...


Survey Says? BZZZZZZZ!

On Friday, Zazzy and I were at the mall dress shopping for an upcoming wedding.  While she tried on a bevy of brightly colored gowns, I retreated to a corner to feed Mayo.  There, they...