Daily Archive: June 21, 2013

The Myth of a Man

In Linky Friday #29, Will highlights a recent column in The Atlantic by Hugo Scwhyzer that asked, “What If Men Stopped Chasing Much-Younger Women?” His argument, that the Old Man/Young Woman relationship dynamic intrinsically harms...


(The scene: Kazzy is bouncing Mayonnaise on his knee, narrating the happenings as they sit on the bed together.) Mayonnaise: AAAAAH-CHOOOO!!! Kazzy:  What a big sneeze!  And do you know why we sneeze?  Well,...

The NSA and Privacy: Why Conservatives Should Not Be Sanguine

Defending the NSA’s program that collects information about the American public’s phone calls and emails, President Obama offered this bit of doublespeak: Well, in the end, and what I’ve said, and I continue to believe, is that we don’t have to sacrifice our freedom in order to achieve security. That’s a false choice. That doesn’t mean that there are not tradeoffs involved in any given program, in any given action that we take. So all of us make a decision […]