Driving Blind: All Your Gigs Are Belong to Us

Ethan Gach

I write about comics, video games and American politics. I fear death above all things. Just below that is waking up in the morning to go to work. You can follow me on Twitter at @ethangach or at my blog, gamingvulture.tumblr.com. And though my opinions aren’t for hire, my virtue is.

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4 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    “When I was nearly done with this piece, I got curious and asked what I was getting paid. The answer is $250. Honestly, that seemed fair. Still, I think it’s worth more, and I would have done it for less.”

    Says it all. We live in an era where we are blessed with almost limitless, high quality writing at no charge. The good ol’ days are now.Report

  2. zic says:

    Mother Jones has a story on Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook and requests for information on users from the government. The government doesn’t want them to separate out how many of the requests are from FISA. The companies comply more then I’d hoped, but don’t comply more then I’d expected. Nice charts.Report

  3. DavidTC says:

    As someone who loves the Nook eInk devices, I find this sad. They were very nice, and so easy to root into a normal Android device it was trivial.

    I’m planning to pick up a spare or two if they really go under and discount the prices.

    If I have to switch to some other ereader I’ll be annoyed. The low-end eInk Kindles don’t have a touch screen, and aren’t running Android anyway. (And don’t have an microSD slot, but that is a minor problem overshadowed by the first two.)Report