Daily Archive: June 20, 2013


Thursday Night Jukebox: Turkey & Brazil

My friend Eric has a one-man ambient/drone/shoegaze act, thisquietarmy (I may have mentioned this before). He’s currently in Brazil, and recently toured Turkey. The other day he uploaded this video, World Protest, and dedicated it...


Compensated Emancipation Was Tried — But Didn’t Work

Ta-Nehisi Coates takes the time to respond, with historical data, to the those who would claim the Civil War could have been avoided through a program of compensated emancipation.  He’s certainly right that this...


Driving Blind: All Your Gigs Are Belong to Us

“’We’re all fools,’ said Clemens, ‘all the time. It’s just we’re a different kind each day. We think, I’m not a fool today. I’ve learned my lesson. I was a fool yesterday but not...


Rand Paul: Not Aristotle

There’s something about being a willfully marginal player in the political sphere that induces whininess. Or at least that’s the conclusion I can’t help but come to after reading the libertarian-ish Conor Friedersdorf’s epic...


Just Read It

I wish I had more to offer on Joshua DuBoi’s fantastic essay entitled “The Fight for Black Men”.  I feel inadequate to do a write up that does it justice, so instead I will...

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