Driving Blind: E3 and Charter Cities

Ethan Gach

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4 Responses

  1. Will Truman says:

    Re: Kyle Buchanan (Actually, it has little to do with the article itself, which is talking about something different, but in between seeing that and reading the article, my mind went in the following direction:

    If I recall, 9/11 never happened (or at least was hugely downplayed) on 24. The same for West Wing, though national security was a relatively small part of that show. I much prefer this approach to Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn, both of whom tried to shoehorn it into timelines where it didn’t fit.

    We’re actually far enough removed from 9/11, though (this batch of high school graduates barely remember it, if at all) that it’s easier to put it in a historical context. Something that happened in the timeline before it diverged into the fictional one presented.Report

    • Kolohe in reply to Will Truman says:

      “The same for West Wing, though national security was a relatively small part of that show”

      I disagree on two counts. First, they did a ‘very special episode’ as a specific response to it, (“Isaac & Ishmael”) though it was not part of the in-universe continuity. Second, a great deal of the show was a about national security – and a fairly “aggressive” foreign policy – even before 9/11. (I’d guess that at least 2/3 of all the episodes had a least one scene in situation room)Report

      • Will Truman in reply to Kolohe says:

        They did have the Very Special Episode, outside of continuity, but what I meant was that 9/11 didn’t actually take place within the series. No references to it having occurred.

        There was foreign policy on the show, but not in the same sense as 24. It was a part of the show, but I didn’t consider it to be a big one.Report

        • Kolohe in reply to Will Truman says:

          I agree that West Wing existed in a parallel universe where lots of things happened differently (including no 9-11 – specifically), but I still say a majority of the episodes had Bartlett flex his CiC muscles in one way or another*, and the entire Qumar arc was a huge part of the show – and definitely written with 9/11 and real world 9/11 reactions in mind.

          *the worst one of these was when he was personally giving orders to LANTFLT units in a hurricane sortie. My eyes were rolling so hard they needed bearing grease.Report