Daily Archive: June 13, 2013


Trayvon Martin, the criminalblackmale

Being perfectly willing to pick at an old scab, I’ll highlight this column in The Guardian about the start of the George Zimmerman trial. Mr. Zimmerman’s attorneys are attempting to paint a very specific picture...


Finance Discussion Continued

At Ethan’s request, rather than continue the discussion of finance in his post, I’ll post my response to commenter David TC’s response to me.  If people have an interest in continuing the conversation, they...


No injuries, no property damage.

Regulatory and insurance hurdles cleared, Mon Tiki has been up and running for about six weeks now, and with about 200 paying customers across her decks, I am pleased (and relieved!) to report, Mon...


Driving Blind: E3 and Charter Cities

A new report from the ESA gives some “essential facts” about the video game industry, including who plays and what their interested in. We might finally see some action from the courts on unpaid...


Putting a Price on Kidneys

Josh Barro wants to set up a marketplace for human organs. He thinks it’s a good idea, I presume, because he never saw Repo Men (a junky sci-fi movie in which the production of...

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