Post Game of Thrones Jukebox: Write Like the Wind


James K

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar North says:

    Hmmm the Asha move is quite a departure from the books. I suspect that this indicates that she’s intended to play an even larger role in the TV series than in the books and they need to make her a more sympathetic character. Did we really need so much obnoxious time spent on those damnable torture scenes though?

    I know it’s perhaps unfair of me but I’m quite annoyed they spent their animation budget on animating the dragonlings instead of including the gate in the depths of the Nightfort. Yes yes Daenerys is a more important character but I really hate the big open tunnel in the wall just sitting there unguarded. Man all those wildlings climbing up the wall would be awfully embarrassed if they knew about that big wide open tunnel they could just be walking through.

    In the books I found the Grey Wind/Robb thing somewhat incidental to the overall crushing horror of the Red Wedding. Perhaps it’s because of the episodic structure but I found it much more wracking on the show. That said, Arya doing what she did to some flunkies really doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of balancing things up. If this were a weaker show I’d be concerned that they’ll loose some serious numbers of viewers for so much bad befalling the “good guys” and bupkiss happening to the “bad guys” but GoT is such a phenomena that I think they’ll be ok.Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to North says:

      The torture scenes were way too long for too small a payoff – even people like me who hadn’t read ahead in the books had long ago figured out that “a” Bolton had Theon, OK he’s a psycho, and Asha/Ironborn culture hasn’t been given enough in-show development for us to care too much about her big rescue mission or understand why it’s a big deal for her to attempt.

      Arya doing what she did was a big character moment (a Stark literally just stabbed someone in the back for the first time) and was funny in terms of the Hound’s reaction (“Next time, warn me!”) But it does seem a pretty pointless gesture.

      I am unclear on how Ygritte managed to catch up to Jon, who had a head start on horseback (and, what happened to Torren?) I did step out for a quick bathroom break around this time, so maybe this was explained.

      Somehow I don’t think Dany’s messianic complex will be any better after this episode. Overall, a pretty weak ep in which not much happened, but probably necessary after last week.Report

      • Avatar North in reply to Glyph says:

        Yes, essentially the previous episode was the season finale and this episode was the janitor shuffling through with the pushbroom tidying up and then putting a lame Dany bow on top of the mountain of bodies in an attempt to end the season on a lighter note.Report

        • Avatar Jack in reply to North says:

          +several. Little more than a wrap up episode and next season scene setteer that checked off each characters location and intentions.

          I guess we are all on the same page with Theon torture scenes. Is that five scenes devoted to what is almost an incidental character now? Normally I am willing to push back against criticism that GoT has too much gratuitous violence in it, but the multiple Theon-Ramsey scenes tend to decimate my position. We really could have used that screen time for something useful and plot advancing.Report

  2. Avatar KatherineMW says:

    I’ve been listening to the music from the end of the episode on repeat ever since I finished watching it this morning. That is a spectacularly beautiful piece. Dany’s had far and away the best music this season, between this one and episode 4.

    I didn’t dislike this episode (and Yara was awesome), but it wasn’t all that great.Report

  3. Avatar Kolohe says:

    It was kinda inevitable that this episode was going to be a letdown, but it was indeed weak even without the stark contrast to previous week.Report

  4. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Enjoyed the music video greatly. From time to time, I get hooked on a series that goes on my “Gosh, I hope the author finishes before they die” list. Zelazny’s original Amber series, which I started in high school many years ago, was the first to make the list. Martin’s there now. So’s David Weber’s Honor Harrington books (yes, I admit to a weakness for military science fiction porn), although I admit that I’m taking him at his word that he’s plotted it all the way to the close. And unfortunately, I’m reaching an age where, like the old lady at the end of one of the Taco Bell commercials, “Well, they’d better hurry up before I’m dead!” becomes a possibility.Report