Daily Archive: May 23, 2013


The NYPD: Always Giving 110% (UPDATE!)

“The civil-rights group found records of 168,126 instances in which an African-American male between the ages of 14 and 24  was stopped by police last year — a number that NYCLU officials said exceeds the...


Friday Jukebox: Presidential Precedent

(Please read my disclaimer here to get a bit of a sense of how I approach music.  Or don’t.  Just know you’ve been warned.) Today, the Jay-Z remix of Young Jeezy and Nas’s “My...


Cars in Singapore are expensive

And now you know that too. And so do the cast of Fast and Furious 6.* Car prices in Singapore can be attributed to one very basic policy move: Artificial restriction of supply. So, wonky question...


The Obama Doctrine Reborn

No Driving Blind today. Instead, everyone should take some time to read and consider the President’s speech on foreign policy from earlier. Full remarks below,


Get a grip, Mr. Aravosis

Friends in the LGBT equality movement, let’s take a minute to right-size our perspective, shall we? We have made tremendous strides in the past few years.  It’s gotten to the point that three states...