Driving Blind: Lego Casino Royal and Remembering GeoCities

Ethan Gach

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6 Responses

  1. dhex says:

    that jaron lanier piece is painfully hard to read. so dang poorly written.Report

  2. The Cardiff Kook says:

    The Mark Fisher piece was painful, but for another reason. I had to learn about bukkake.Report

  3. Barry says:

    “Yahoo! is looking to acquire Tumblr. Remember that time it bought GeoCities for $3.6 billion?”

    I don’t care how many Yahoo employees might have been slacking off at home, they weren’t wasting $3.6 billion. This is the sort of behavior which kills companies, tossing a year’s gross income down the toilet. If anybody wants to know why Yahoo is failing, just look at the people running it.Report

  4. CK MacLeod says:

    typo: “REMEBERING” – upon correction, feel free to delete this comment along with my confession that I watched the entire Lego Casino Royale thing.Report

  5. Alan Scott says:

    Lindelof is damned right about the Justice League movie. It’s to late for his advice to have any effect, and I rather strongly suspect that Warner Brothers hasn’t followed it.

    The first Iron Man movie set out to create a world that was bigger than Tony Stark from the very beginning: Cap’s shield was on a workbench. Coulson and his fellow agents of Shield show up. And that’s before the after-credits sequence.

    Marvel, of course, had an easier job. So many of the Avengers are directly tied into the military industrial complex: Iron Man and Hulk started as weapons designers, Cap was designed as a weapon, Black Widow is a spy, as is Hawkeye in most adaptations. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are reformed terrorists.

    Thor is the odd one out. And Marvel spend a lot of screen time forging connections between Asgard and the rest of the marvel universe.Report