Daily Archive: May 17, 2013


Driving Blind: Lego Casino Royal and Remembering GeoCities

It’s a beautiful day in the nation’s breadbasket which means the commute home will be deadly. Fortunately I’ll be hopping the express to 69th Street with these links to occupy the time. Yahoo! is looking to...


The Glories Of Precooked Meat Product

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen tries to be a soothing oasis of intellectual rumination in the internet’s roiling ocean of flippant commentary. That said, we just received the following in our spam folder: “I...


…Because Getting Off Is Fun

The esteemed Kyle Cupp was written a beautifully thoughtful essay in which he puzzles over the Catholic Church’s insistence that certain kinds of sex are necessarily injurious. First he writes: I’ve asked Catholics who...


Pics or it didn’t happen?

One of the slow-news-day stories zipping around the blogosphere this morning is the tale of NRO’s Kevin Williamson act of bravery or hooliganism (depending on whose blog you’re reading).  If you haven’t come across...


No Automatic Harmony: Kenneth Waltz

“In anarchy, there is no automatic harmony.” Kenneth Waltz wrote unpleasant truths about the world and lived long enough to see the vindication of his positions. His book, Man, the State and War, and...


The IRS Scandal and How to Fix It. Forever.

The right says: “This is terrible, someone should pay!” The left says: “This is not really a scandal at all. It’s business as usual. All we really need is to put the right people...

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