Leaguefest 2013 Update!

Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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58 Responses

  1. Burt Likko says:

    Mrs. Likko and I will be there for the game and the cruise. We are really looking forward to it!Report

  2. Angela says:

    I’m “yes” for the sailboat ride (of course), but “no” for the Cubs game.Report

  3. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to either Friday event. Perhaps I can do something on the Saturday.Report

  4. So bummed I can’t be there, is all I got to say.Report

  5. Miss Mary says:

    I don’t get in until like 4:30, so no for the game and yes for sailing if it’s at 6:00.Report

  6. RTod says:

    Baseball games being baseball games and rush hour traffic being rush hour traffic, will it really be possible to do both Fridy events?Report

    • RTod in reply to RTod says:

      I will be finalizing my travel plans today, but expect I may be there either Thurs eve or first thing Fri.Report

      • RTod in reply to RTod says:

        Lastly, both events for me; sailing over cubs if I have to choose.Report

        • Michelle in reply to RTod says:

          You can always leave the ball game early if need be. And by all means–use public transportation downtown. Parking is outrageously expensive these days. And driving around downtown on a Friday is generally painful.Report

    • Angela in reply to RTod says:

      Since we can wait for the ball players to show up before we take off, of course!
      The game starts at 1:20pm. Assume 3 hours. The ball park is about a mile west of the harbor. Even a leisurely walk should get you there around 5 or so.
      (There’s a pedestrian underpass near Addison going under Lake Shore Drive.
      The boat’s on the north side of the harbor.)Report

    • Nob Akimoto in reply to RTod says:

      …dear lord you weren’t actually planning to drive in Chicago proper, were you?

      I mean if this were Morton Grove or Schaumberg, sure, but in the metro area you’re much better off with taking the various transit options.Report

  7. J@m3s Aitch says:

    Hanleys are up for both, committed to covering the cost of the game tickets if you select readonably priced seats. Can you let us know what seats you’re thinking about?

    Angela, can we contribute to costs for the boat trip? And how many passengers can you take? (Oh, and I vote we delay departure until Miss Mary can get there–it’d be a shame for her to miss out because we were in a hurry to get going).Report

    • James: Since it’s looking to be more than just Burt, me, and our respective spouses at the game, I’m going to make a point of ensuring that the tickets are as affordable as realistically possible.Report

      • James Hanley in reply to Mark Thompson says:

        Excellent. The beer tastes the same all over the park!

        (FTR, I’m not demanding the absolute cheapest tix; I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an expectation that we’d have to show up in tuxedos.)Report

  8. James Hanley says:

    Would anyone be interested in seeing the Saturday matinee (2:00) of The Book of Mormon? Tix would be either $66 (far back of the balcony) or about $117 (mezzanine).Report

  9. Tod Kelly says:

    Reservations made! Yay!Report

  10. Nob Akimoto says:

    *Sigh* You guys are horrible.

    I’m feeling homesick for Chicago now.

    I hate you all. I hope it rains every day during the Leaguefest and that Obama comes to town to talk to Rahm freezing up traffic all over and maybe the Cubs go to extra innings.Report

  11. Jason Kuznicki says:

    I should mention that we won’t be there. Next year, I hope.Report

  12. Angela says:

    So, looking through the responses, we’d have 11 on the boat ride:
    Angel, Chris, Margaret Johnston
    Burt Likko + Mrs Likko
    Miss Mary
    Tod Kelly
    James + Johanna Hanley
    Mark Thompson + spouse

    Now, if we just get good weather….
    Corrections? Additions?

    I’m looking forward to meeting people live.

    • Miss Mary in reply to Angela says:

      Sounds right to me, Angela, but I should mention that I haven’t really been tracking these sorts of things.

      I don’t suppose anyone wants to get their nails done or go shopping while we’re in town?Report

    • Mark Thompson in reply to Angela says:

      Sounds right – although I notice Michelle and Michael Drew, who I believe said they were likely coming, haven’t responded in this thread.Report

      • Also, there was talk earlier in these discussions that JB and Maribou might/would be there?Report

        • Jaybird in reply to Tod Kelly says:

          This is an issue of awful timing. Maribou will be in Chicago, like, the week after this for some work-related thing that I can’t remember. As such, she’s not going to be there for this.

          My particular version of anxiety is the kind that won’t allow me to go unless I have my lodestone there.

          I love you all more than you could possibly know. I wish I could go. But I can’t.Report

    • j@m3z Aitch. in reply to Angela says:


      How many people can you take? Johanna and I are staying with an old friend we’ve recently reconnected with. I don’t know if she’s interested in a sailboat ride on the lake, but if there’s room, I’d like to invite her. If there’s no room, I won’t risk raising her hopes.

      And add my thanks to all the others–I’ve not sailed much, but I love being out in a boat, any kind of boat.

      “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”


      • Angela in reply to j@m3z Aitch. says:

        When we’re racing, 8 is a full crew. For cruising, we could do more, so I think 12 would be OK. More starts to get iffy, especially if there’s a lot of wind/weather. We could try to be flexible, too. Some options: I had suggested a touch-and-go downtown, to drop people off at the Blues Festival / hotel. We could make the logistics a little more “interesting” and pick up folks for the ride back. We could also do a second trip on Saturday during the morning / day if there was interest.
        Frankly, I really enjoy sailing, and I like showing off Chicago, which is a pretty great city in many ways. Multiple trips!! For everyone!Report

        • RTod in reply to Angela says:

          We’re not racing? Does that mean we won’t win? I don’t like not winning.Report

          • Angela in reply to RTod says:

            Any day with sailing is a win….

            Actually: if anyone is coming in as early as Wednesday, we could set something up. There are always fun races on Wednesday night. The NOOD races are a little more serious. Not to mention conflicting with either the Cubs or the Mormons.Report

  13. Miss Mary says:

    What hotel are we supposed to stay at?Report

    • Miss Mary – I’m booked for the Hyatt Regency downtown, which I’m planning on using as our unofficial base of operations. However, I know that several folks are staying in either other hotels or with friends, so don’t feel obligated to go with that hotel if there’s someplace else reasonably close that you’d prefer.Report

  14. Michelle says:

    Sorry I’m late to the thread, but I’ll definitely be going to the Cubs game and will commit to paying up front. Just me–the Russian has never been to a baseball game and wants to keep his record intact.

    We’ll also join folks for dinner on Saturday.Report

  15. Alright – game tickets have been purchased! They’re going to run to $50 apiece after service fees.Report