Daily Archive: May 8, 2013

Introducing Vikram Bath!

Not A Potted Plant is thrilled and proud to announce the arrival of its third contributor. Please drop on by and get to know Vikram Bath!

“Ending the Forever War”

A speech by Harold Koh at the Oxford Union. Transcript available at Lawfare. I found it interesting and sort of looks into the logic behind the Obama Administration’s CT policy writ large.


Today, Sean Hannity opined that people just don’t get outraged like they used to and we really should be getting angrier about things. And, no, it is not opposite day.


Over at Mindless Diversions, we’ve begun our Babylon 5 “bookclub”.  Jaybird suggested that I advertise this on the front page, and since I’m all about self-aggrandizement, consider this a bleg to participate. Episode 2...

Driving Blind: Some Links for the Ride Home

Conor Friedersdorf takes on a double absurdity today: letting the CIA vet the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report and President Obama’s cheap rhetoric on citizenship and tyranny at Ohio State.

Fiendish Flouridators

Very well done, Mr. Snider.  “These fears aren’t going to monger themselves.”

Wednesday Jukebox – Projections on a snowy backyard

Here’s a neat little video for a lovely song by Ottawa’s orienteers, may-queen girl. One of the members, Ben Wilson, created the video by projecting images of spring onto a snowy backyard. Feel free to...

Gun Printing: A Call To Inaction

Once something is published on the Internet, it’s too late to take it back. Ask Anthony Weiner. Pictured to the left is a 3D printer. As predicted here more than half a year ago,...

Gastrodestination Portland

To the left is a meal I had in Portland, Oregon this weekend. It was not the best meal I had. But it was the gayest. (Read more at NaPP…)   Burt Likko is the...

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