a brief note on why you’re all about to be soooo sick of me very soon (assuming you weren’t already)


Tod Kelly

Tod is a writer from the Pacific Northwest. He is also serves as Executive Producer and host of both the 7 Deadly Sins Show at Portland's historic Mission Theatre and 7DS: Pants On Fire! at the White Eagle Hotel & Saloon. He is  a regular inactive for Marie Claire International and the Daily Beast, and is currently writing a book on the sudden rise of exorcisms in the United States. Follow him on Twitter.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    They would have been lucky to have you. I’m looking forward to being sick of you!

    Did you say 35 days away! I should look at plane tickets… But procrastinating is soooooo easy. And what a beautiful day for it :).Report

  2. Avatar Barry says:

    Can you tell us which branch of the Illuminati was thinking of initiating you to the higher level?Report

  3. Avatar Maribou says:

    I can’t imagine being sick of you. Seems like a present Just For Me, since my school will be over on Wednesday and I will have lots of time to read your posts!Report