Daily Archive: May 1, 2013


DC Comics Gets Political with “The Movement”

“Yer goin’ all soft on me, Luis, I swear,” growls one cop to his partner. He then proposes the following to a couple just busted for drug possession, “You go. We keep the evidence....


The Right to Confront

Author’s note – I recently promised myself that I would try to get better about formatting would-be lengthy comments as separate posts.  This post is part of that effort. At the 49th, Jonathan McLeod...


Fire vs. Tacky Fire

Always keeping up with the hot topics of thirty years ago, Canadian icon/embarrassment Don Cherry made news this week when he declared that a men’s locker room was no place for female reporters. You...


Trouble Making

The older students in my school are currently doing some writing assessments.  One of the prompts the 6th grade received was: “Imagine you are the king of your own country.  Describe what it would...

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