The Possum’s Friday Afternoon Jukebox


J.L. Wall

J.L. Wall is a native Kentuckian in self-imposed exile to the Midwest, where he teaches writing to college students and over-analyzes Leonard Cohen lyrics.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    Random comment meant to apply to all threads:

    Thanks everyone, esp. Elias, Mark, Burt, Dave, Qub, James K., North, Kazzy, Blaise, others (and scott, you too, and I apologize again for my outburst).

    I’ve had a particularly good time commenting here today; thanks for all your engagement here.

    (I know this is a little bit of a nutty comment. I’m sleep-deprived and giddy b/c it actually cracked 60 degrees in St. Paul, MN today. It might be 70 right now for all I know.)

    Everyone have a Grrrrrr-eat Weekend!Report

  2. Avatar Glyph says:

    Lloyd Cole has always been a name-dropper in his songs, so here’s him dropping George Jones’ on his 1990 post-Commotions s/t solo debut:

    I’m looking for a religious girl
    With child-bearing hips and a wedding veil
    But I’m saddened to report sir, it’s not easy
    This town is full of those cynical girls
    Walking two steps behind forty-five-year-olds
    I can’t bear to hear those church bells ring again
    So driver can’t you drive me a little more slowly
    I’ve gotta go
    Can’t you find me some George Jones on your radio
    I’ve gotta go, can’t say no, to the church


  3. Avatar Just Me says:

    I had the privileged to see George Jones in concert in Shreveport La many years ago. He co-concerted with Tracy Lawrence (I believe). George would sing a couple then Tracy would. As he told us, I had to show up, my wife’s family is from around here and they all came to watch me. I was 18, grew up listening to him on the radio while milking cows. Love me some George Jones, we’ll never stop loving him.Report