The Higher Education in the 21st Century Symposium: Epilogue


Michelle Togut

Michelle Togut resides in North Carolina with her husband and pets. She has worked as an adjunct professor of history, contributor and writer, and small-firm attorney, among other things. These days, she's trying to sell real estate. For fun, she reads political blogs of all persuasions, practices yoga, drinks wine, hikes, reads, and volunteers for a local animal rescue.

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Patrick says:

    I am attempting to polish something, so we might get a post-script.

    I wish I could have participated more, this one was excellent. Special thanks to Michelle for hosting and her excellent pieces and to Burt for his long series.Report

  2. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    This was IMO the most successful of our symposia to date. Thanks to Michelle for running it and to everyone who wrote!Report

  3. Avatar Johanna says:

    While I was able to read most of the posts, I am currently in waning weeks of the term and my schedule has been consumed enough with things academic. I do want to say as someone who has spent the majority of the last two decades in academia, I truly enjoyed and appreciated this symposium and hope to see more on education in the future – just not in the beginning or end of the term. Thank you!Report

  4. Avatar Maribou says:

    Great symposium. Thanks for all your hard work in coordinating it!

    Minor request: the link to the list of posts actually goes to the intro post… fix?Report

  5. Avatar tarylcabot says:

    I liked the video from the Humboldt State drop out – shared it with a group at work including a Humboldt State dropout (he later returned to school & eventually earned his Master’s at CSUN).Report

  6. Avatar Derp says:

    UCSB! wootReport