It’s done, woo hoo!

James K

James is a government policy analyst, and lives in Wellington, New Zealand. His interests including wargaming, computer gaming (especially RPGs and strategy games), Dungeons & Dragons and scepticism. No part of any of his posts or comments should be construed as the position of any part of the New Zealand government, or indeed any agency he may be associated with.

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17 Responses

  1. North says:

    Congrats! The singing at the third reading was especially poignant to me.Report

  2. Kazzy says:

    Huzzah! Maybe we need to be more upside down here!Report

  3. Congratulations on making a step toward fair treatment of citizens. If only my own country and state could do the same!Report

  4. Qub says:

    Woo and hoo, indeed!Report

  5. Mike Schilling says:

    We’ll get there too. Someday.Report

  6. Burt Likko says:

    Many congratulations to New Zealand and her citizens! There shall be more marriages, more happiness, and more freedom for all there now — and a new source of national pride. Here’s hoping many other nations look to you as an example to follow. Including the United States.Report

  7. Murali says:

    Now, if only the high court in Singapore would repeal its anti-sodomy laws.Report

  8. RTod says:

    Congrats to all. Kiwis rock.Report