It’s Getting Hot, No?



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  1. Avatar Just Me says:

    Heating up? Where? Wish it was heating up in temps here. More snow on tap for tonight. I am enjoying this time of year by working hard to finish off the last few weeks of school, I graduate on May 10th and start my first job in my new career on May 13th.Report

    • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Just Me says:

      If you don’t mind me asking, JM, where is “here”?Report

      • Avatar Just Me in reply to Kazzy says:

        I live in the great state of Wisconsin, Eau Claire to be exact. Still getting snow every couple of days.Report

        • Avatar Michael Drew in reply to Just Me says:

          JustMe, North, Blaise & I (and I’m guessing a couple others) live within 100 mi of each other (Twin Cities or Eau Claire area). We really need to make LoOG Northern Drinking Division a thing. (I guess we could include those Further North, too…;))

          First, though, Chicago.

          But yeah, it ain’t heatin’ up any too much in this neighborhood. We’ve been 10-15 degrees off normal highs for like 10 days. It’s actually kind of amazing. Makes me fear what kind of compensation to preserve the mean we’ve got in store for July-August. Maybe we’ll have a below-average spring & summer when all is said & done, but with my luck, I’m not counting on it.Report

      • Avatar Michael Cain in reply to Kazzy says:

        Over the past Mon-Tue-Wed, about a foot of snow here in Denver’s western suburbs (still down on the flat rather than up in the foothills). I use the grill all year round, so shoveled enough of the deck that I can reach it (and my wife’s dog can reach her favorite queen-of-the-backyard perch). Long-term forecast has us getting another shot of snow next Monday.Report

    • Avatar Will Truman in reply to Just Me says:

      It’s been on the cold side out here in Arapaho, as well. Warm enough during the day to melt the previous night’s snows, though.

      Since our house doesn’t have AC, I am hoping that it stays this way for as long as possible.Report

  2. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    It’s probably getting time to do the first batch of ribs for the spring.Report

  3. Avatar Maribou says:

    It’s snowing here too. A LOT.Report

  4. Avatar Patrick says:

    And now we see why… all snarking on California accounted for… it’s still better to live here than not.

    I’ve used by grill about twenty times since Christmas.Report

    • Avatar Burt Likko in reply to Patrick says:

      And I do believe Mrs. Likko and I owe you and the Mrs. some backyard grilling, Mr. Patrick. Why don’t you take a look at the schedule with the young’uns, and see when you can find some time.Report

      • Avatar Patrick in reply to Burt Likko says:

        Oy. Between now and June, we have the centennial celebration for the kids’ school, which Kitty is managing, the BHNA home tour, Kitty’s birthday, Jack’s birthday, both my parents’ birthdays, my final paper in my last class, the BHNA disaster plan final draft, Jack & Hannah’s baseball seasons, and Mother’s Day.

        I honestly don’t think I get to take a dump between now and May 27th.


    • Avatar Kazzy in reply to Patrick says:

      I actually normally will grill in the winter, but because we were having trouble with the grill line (a small leak) and it was too cold to repair it, I pulled back. Of course, there is cooking meat and veggies on the grill and there is grilling… the latter can’t happen in the window no matter what shape the darn thing is in.Report

  5. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    To date in 2013, I have grilled:

    Garlic pork sausages
    Apple-gouda chicken sausages
    Yellow squash
    Portobello mushrooms
    Denver omelettes with bacon and hash browns

    But no burgers or bratwurst. Yet. Looking forward to some turkey burgers this weekend.Report

  6. Avatar BlaiseP says:

    The air conditioner has been humming all day. A bumblebee hovers just outside the window. It might get cool enough to let the Gulf breeze in once the sun starts setting.Report

    • Avatar Just Me in reply to BlaiseP says:

      This seems like a good spot to put an FYI post. I know a few on this site recently heard this information but everyone might as well be informed as well. BlaiseP and I are a couple, have been for a few years now. He is the reason I have been a lurker on this site for so long. For a long time I would threaten to post here. Okay, to be honest a long time ago he suggested I post and I was always to hesitant to do so. He is a pretty good writer, me not so much. I believe it was the gun debate that finally pushed me over the edge into making my first post. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I had to throw my two cents in.Report

    • Avatar Tod Kelly in reply to BlaiseP says:

      Damn you, BP. Damn you to Hell.Report

  7. Avatar zic says:

    Ahem. I live in Maine. It snowed here last week.

    And I use the grill all winter.

    For fun? The woods are nearly snow free, at least at the lower elevations. The Spring Twitterpate is underway. The ephemeral streams are gushing and ephemeral blooms budding.

    Plus, I’ve designed a skirt, top, and two sweaters in the last week; an intense amount of work. Without meaning too, I’ve got an entire collection that uses related and unusual techniques (a rare thing in the fashion world). Now I’ve got to pull it together and find a publisher.Report

  8. Avatar KatherineMW says:

    Spring is finally here in Ottawa – almost all of the snow is gone (just clumps remaining where it was plowed into heaps all season) and the sky was blue and sunny today. I hope it keeps this up.Report

  9. Avatar Kazzy says:

    I should make clear that we aren’t exactly bursting with spring here. Trees have only just begun to bud, but the past two weeks brought us our first days of consistently warm weather, though there are still cold spots mixed in. Still, any excuse to get out and grill…Report

  10. Avatar NewDealer says:

    Being an urban apartment dweller. I lack a grill and backyard for grilling.Report

  11. Avatar Shazbot5 says:

    It’s getting hot in here?

    So, take off all your clothes.

    Pretty simple solution, dude.


  12. Avatar ktward says:

    Huh. I’m guessing I should keep quiet about weather details down here in Puerto Rico. At least until high summer hits and y’all will be thanking your lucky stars* you’re not down here.

    *Lucky Stars = some combination of air conditioning and reliable electricity. Both have limited availability in PR.Report

  13. Avatar James K says:

    * Except for James K. But fish him and all his upside down friends.

    Mock us if you will, but our very upside-downedness shall be your undoing! When we invade your armies, raised on first-person shooters, will aim for our heads, cauning their bullets to pass harmlessly between our legs! Mwuahahahaha!!!Report

  14. Avatar Damon says:

    Just grilled some steaks and asparagus. This is on tap soon:

    Grilled beef kebobs with sumac (spice) (marinated in olive oil, lime)
    Grilled veggies: portabellos, tomatoe, onion, etc.
    Tzaki sauce (greek yogurt, lime, salt, diced cuke, dill)
    South African Syrah


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