League of Ordinary Babies


One man. Two boys. Twelve kids.

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  1. Burt Likko says:


    Congratulations to Zazzy and Kazzy! And welcome, Simpson! It’s not so bad out here but for now get lots of sleep and love.Report

  2. Chris says:


  3. Glyph says:

    I noticed you seemed MIA and wondered if it was “time”. Congrats dude!Report

  4. BlaiseP says:


    TO the garden the world anew ascending,
    Potent mates, daughters, sons, preluding,
    The love, the life of their bodies, meaning and being,
    Curious here behold my resurrection after slumber,
    The revolving cycles in their wide sweep having brought me again,
    Amorous, mature, all beautiful to me, all wondrous,
    My limbs and the quivering fire that ever plays through them, for
    reasons, most wondrous,
    Existing I peer and penetrate still,
    Content with the present, content with the past,
    By my side or back of me Eve following,
    Or in front, and I following her just the same.Report

  5. Dan Miller says:

    Congrats! You’re going to be an awesome dad.Report

  6. Plinko says:

    Congrats, Kazzy!Report

  7. zic says:

    Let the change be with you.Report

  8. Jason Kuznicki says:

    Wow, congratulations. I remember what it was like. I was terrified too.Report

  9. I am so very delighted for you. (And you know how to reach me for free pediatric advice.)Report

  10. Jaybird says:


  11. Nob Akimoto says:

    Congratulations! Now I’m going to go worry about the future of the world now that we know Kazzy has bred.Report

  12. Congrats to you and Zazzy!Report

  13. Miss Mary says:

    Yay! Congrats!Report

  14. Rod Engelsman says:

    Coolness, congrats! And don’t be terrified. I’m confident you’ll be a fantastic father.Report

  15. Kazzy says:

    Am I thinking about it too much/ruining the moment when the nurses’ saying, “OOOH, one of the few boys on the unit… lots of girls for him to date here today,” makes me want to scream, “HE’LL DATE WHOMEVER HE DAMN WELL PLEASES”?Report

  16. Kazzy says:

    And, of course, thanks everyone! We’re very excited and very happy and I can’t wait to teach him the torture of rooting for two terrible sports franchises while living in both teams’ enemy territory.Report

  17. Johanna says:

    WooHoo! I can speak for both Hanleys by saying congrats and welcome to parenthood!Report

  18. Mike Schilling says:


  19. Maribou says:

    Congratulations, Kazzy and Zazzy and Mayonnaise! Delighted for all three of you.Report

  20. North says:

    Grats to you both! I’m delighted for you and I’m especially delighted it’s you and not me. I, meanwhile, shall be getting a lot of sleep. I hope that knowledge will lend you great comfort in those long dark nights to come.Report

  21. Anne says:

    Hope Zazzy and baby Mayonnaise are happy and resting up from the big event and congratulations Papa Kazzy!Report

  22. LeeEsq says:

    Mazal tov.Report

  23. dhex says:

    many congratulations!Report

  24. Ryan Noonan says:

    Congrats, friend! If you want to commiserate over our lack of sleep at 3am, do please let me know. 🙂Report

  25. RTod says:

    Wow, congrats! How amazing is that?!Report

  26. Reformed Republican says:

    Congratulations! We look forward to your next blog post in 18 years when you have some free time.Report

  27. Will Truman says:

    Awsome man. Just awesome.Report

  28. DRS says:

    Congratulations. Sleeping is over-rated, anyway.Report

  29. Stillwater says:

    Congrats, Kazzy!Report

  30. zic says:

    Kazzy, women like to hear details. How it went, size of baby, if things went as you expected or surprised you. Not much is necessary, but a little.

    If you don’t mind, and when you have time.

    (And I think men like those details, too.)

    Mayo. I’ll take a Zazzy Kazzy with Mayo.


    • Kazzy in reply to zic says:

      Hey Zic,

      I’ve already said as much on the blog as Zazzy will allow me. She is much more private than I when it comes to the internet. And seeing as how the kid is half hers, I feel the need to respect this wish. Even though I think it nigh impossible for you to somehow determine who I* or my kid is based on height on weight, she drew the line there.

      I will say that he is long and lean; above average length, below average weight. My sports fan friends who are making immediate comparisons to the NFL combine based on height/weight determined he is, at best, a WR, but far more likely to be a runner or maybe a swimmer.

      He did have a cone head due to early attempts at escape but that already seems to be rounding into form. He’s not a cueball, but he could be a charter member of the Hair Club for Babies. He looks like dad… unfortunately. Though better that it be a he looking like dad than a she.Report

  31. James K says:

    Congratulations Kazzy.Report

  32. Rose Woodhouse says:

    Mazel tov!!!!!!! Welcome to the club!Report

  33. NewDealer says:

    Mazel Tov!!!!!Report

  34. Boegiboe says:

    Welcome, Mayonnaise!

    Alice was a noisy sleeper, and it took about a week for me to stop checking her breathing and thereby waking her up over and over during the night. Jason and my mother teamed up and each told me to “Leave The Baby ALONE!”

    Fun times!Report

  35. Aaron David says:

    Great to heat!Report

  36. Russell M says:

    good for you.Report

  37. Mr. Blue says:

    Congrats, man.Report

  38. Murali says:

    Congratulations Kazzy!Report

  39. Bob2 says:


    And more coffee.Report

  40. Michelle says:

    Somehow I missed this earlier. Big congratulations to you and Kazzy on your little one! Savor every moment.Report

  41. I don’t know why I didn’t notice this post earlier (it should be front pager), but congratulations!Report

  42. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    Welcome to the happiest terror you will ever know!Report