8 Ways March Madness is Destroying Society

Jonathan McLeod

Jonathan McLeod is a writer living in Ottawa, Ontario. (That means Canada.) He spends too much time following local politics and writing about zoning issues. Follow him on Twitter.

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11 Responses

  1. “but have researchers at either university cured cancer yet? Of course not. Why bite the tar-stained lung that feeds you.”

    Huh? Curing ling cancer would be FANTASTIC for tobacco companies! It would do away with a major reason not to smoke.Report

  2. Michelle says:


  3. Mike Dwyer says:

    “The greatest rivalry in college basketball – and perhaps in sports – is Duke-North Carolina.”

    April Fools…right? The best rivalry in college basketball is Louisville – Kentucky. Period. Duke and North Carolina play each other multiple times per year which means, “We’ll get them next month!” is a common refrain. UK & UL play one glorious game per year and the fans spend the other 364 days arguing about it. The cities themselves don’t like each other much and the rivalry happened organically, not through a conference alignment.Report

    • Chris in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      This comment is O.G.!Report

    • Henshaw in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      No one outside UK/Louisville cares about that game. In fact, I like the UK/Indiana game more (although it is no more).Report

      • Mike Dwyer in reply to Henshaw says:

        I don’t think national interest really qualifies. I mean, honestly, who cares about most rivalries beyond the fan base? But UK/UL is huge within the state and for a lot of reasons it is superior. This guy makes the case much better than I could:


        • Chris in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

          On top of that, North Carolina has other schools that at least occasionally play at a high level (NC State and Wake), with fan bases that care a lot more about their own rivalry. In Kentucky, there are no other teams (Western’s occasional forays into the tournament don’t count), so the entire state is basically waiting for UK-UL. With Indiana, the Indiana fans care a lot more about IU-UK than UK fans did (which is why Kentucky fans didn’t care when the two schools couldn’t agree on where to play the games, and ultimately decided not to play them at all). Hell, I think most UK fans would rather defeat Florida or Tennessee than Indiana. In online polls last year, I remember seeing fans voting to get rid of the IU game over the UNC home-and-home that has only been a yearly thing since the late aughts.Report

    • Mike Schilling in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I’ve been to the UK and no one mentioned Louisville even once. Unless it’s one of those British things where over there it’s pronounced “Manchester United”.Report

  4. THIS POST WAS O.G., DUDE!Report