Teaching Social Norms: Wrapping Up


One man. Two boys. Twelve kids.

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  1. Tod Kelly says:

    This was a really great series, one of the best single-author series we’ve ever had at the League. Maybe even the very best, since it is such an unusual topic for this place and because of that we went places we don’t normally go here.

    I kind of blissfully assumed it would just keep going on; I’m more than a little sorry to see it end.Report

    • Patrick Cahalan in reply to Tod Kelly says:

      Ditto this and this don’t belong on no sidebar.

      We should give you your own tag, really, so that you can tag all of these posts accordingly. It was like a one-man symposium.Report

      • Kazzy in reply to Patrick Cahalan says:

        Thanks, guys. I might have future installments but as is my tendency, I didn’t start out with a larger idea but rather just started writing one day. And kept writing. And then ran out of things to write about. So I stopped. I didn’t want to just leave it hanging so I put this up but reserve the right to revisit.

        I really do appreciate the feedback. Coming from you two guys, it means the world. I just wish I could be more focused as a writer… a thesis, supporting arguments, a bigger plan… I mostly just rant… it’s been several years since I had to write anything with a purpose besides just getting my thoughts out.

        With the baby coming, my writing may slow, unfortunately. But I’m sure more TSN topics will come up and I can revisit it. If we create a tag (does that involve a router?), I can slap it on anything relevant. But, again, thanks. Really and truly.Report

        • James Hanley in reply to Kazzy says:

          I support what Tod and Pat said. Worthy stuff, and very different from what others are producing here. I understand you running out of things to say about it, at least for now, but do keep in mind that you’ve got a happy audience if further thoughts on it come to you.Report

          • Kazzy in reply to James Hanley says:

            I’ll still write on education stuff, but wanted to expand beyond social norms. Also, I have a tendency to not always follow through on things and I wanted to put a nice little bow on this series. Fortunately, it is one I can untie and add more to when ready, but for now, I want to tackle some other ed related topics. But thanks!Report

  2. Mike Schilling says:


  3. Chris says:

    I enjoyed the series, Kazzy. Thank you for it.Report

  4. Bob2 says:

    I think you might find this interesting per previous thread discussions